Perfect blend of traditional design and nature in resort-inspired home

Perfect blend of traditional design and nature in resort-inspired home

WHO: A family of four

HOME: A five-room condominium on Ridgewood Close

SIZE: 2,002sqf

A design that reflects the homeowner's distinctive style transforms this apartment into a beautiful abode that is warm and inviting.

Eddy Kuswandi from EJ Werkshop Interiors made a bold choice for his client's home.


Instead of an ordinary timber backdrop to the apartment's spacious living room, he opted for wainscotted walls - a classical design element that certainly looks unusual in this contemporary, resort-inspired home.

Yet, the unexpected feature, as part of the $150,000 renovation, works well here; its wood trimmings are a reflection of the homeowner's fondness for both traditional design and nature.

We highlight two unique factors that make up this home.

Go big or go home

The already spacious flat received a visual upsize when the homeowner decided to knock down the walls that separated the dining, kitchen, and living rooms.

With almost-full length windows (and a spectacular view to boot!), the open space evokes a villa-esque airiness.

"The homeowner loves open yet cosy spaces, so she requested a similar concept for her second home," says Eddy.

The wainscotted wall is more than just a backdrop, too. It holds an oversized pivoting door - twice the size of a standard door - that opens up to the master bedroom.

In here, a tall tufted headboard, as well as a highback chair from Taylor B, adds hints of classical design.

We chose wood features to imbue warmth, stone finishes for texture, and artificial greenery for easy maintenance.

says interior designer Eddy Kuswandi.


Bring the outdoors in

The design influence from resorts was most apparent in the kitchen and dining area.

"To create an outdoorsy atmosphere, we demarcated the dining area with pebble wash flooring and adorned the walls with artificial vines," explains Eddy.

These elements of nature were extended into the kitchen; the island features a granite countertop and a cement-look laminated base, while the bench is cladded in Astroturf.

The vibrant green shade helps brighten the grey-hued space.

When asked how he combined the resort and classical styles in the apartment, Eddy says: "Textures, finishes, and archetypal design elements from both nature-inspired and traditional design were applied throughout the home, tying the two looks together subtly, but effectively."

WHERE TO GO: EJ Werkshop Interiors, TEL: 6887-5240

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