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In-Person And Online Oncology Esthetics Training for Esthetic Schools & Educators

Educating the schools and the educators: Becky Kuehn, Oncology Spa Solutions (253-405-5810), offers comprehensive Oncology Esthetics Training programs for esthetic schools. Transforming the industry, empowering professionals to provide safe and compassionate care for cancer patients.

Oncology Spa Solutions® provides oncology training programs for estheticians and spa professionals and empowers esthetics students in the field of oncology esthetics. Founder, Becky Kuehn, a cancer survivor and licensed Master Esthetician & Cosmetologist, is on a mission to equip esthetic schools with the knowledge necessary to provide specialized training for their students to better equip them to work with those undergoing cancer treatments.  

There is a growing need for esthetic schools to offer this training. It teaches students safe and compassionate care for cancer patients. Oncology Spa Solutions® offers an oncology training program designed specifically for esthetic school educators, ensuring they have the expertise to provide courses for students wanting to support cancer patients.

"Our goal is to empower professionals by offering specialized training that focuses on the needs of cancer patients, so they feel confident in caring for them," says Becky Kuehn, Founder of Oncology Spa Solutions®. "By educating the educators, we can create a ripple effect of compassionate and impactful care throughout the industry."

In addition to training individual professionals, Oncology Spa Solutions® collaborates closely with cancer centers and hospitals, providing consulting services to integrate integrative oncology services into their programs. By incorporating these services, medical facilities can enhance the healing process and improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

"We aim to be a comprehensive resource center that aids cancer patients on their journey," adds Kuehn. "We are currently developing a resource center on our website to provide invaluable information and support to individuals and their loved ones facing skin, hair, and nail issues associated with cancer diagnoses."

Oncology Spa Solutions® stands out from the competition due to its unique approach. Becky Kuehn's personal experience with cancer and her relentless perseverance have enabled her to develop programs at esteemed cancer centers and hospitals. In 2019, she collaborated with a formulator to create a skincare line specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of cancer patients, ensuring the use of safe ingredients.

While the industry has traditionally viewed working with cancer patients as a contraindication, Oncology Spa Solutions® challenges this misconception. Kuehn successfully amended this belief, and oncology esthetics is now recognized as an official modality with supplementary training in the esteemed Milady Standard of Esthetics book used in educational institutions.

Kuehn says, “esthetics has historically been associated with vanity, but the introduction of oncology esthetics has completely transformed that perception. We have successfully shifted the narrative to one focused on compassion, service, and life-changing impact."

Oncology Spa Solutions® targets esthetic schools, cancer centers, hospitals, and anyone involved in caring for cancer patients. They aspire to be the ultimate destination for individuals, schools, hospitals etc seeking oncology training, services, or assistance with cancer-related matters.

"We want to become better known nationally, including major cancer clinic areas such as Texas (MD Anderson), New York (Memorial Sloan Kettering), Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota (Mayo Clinic)," states Kuehn.

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About Us: Becky Kuehn empowers spas, medical professionals, patients themselves, cancer centers, estheticians, nail technicians, hairstylists and esthetic schools with comprehensive oncology training. She focuses on skin, hair, and nail care, along with cancer side effects education, to ensure safe and compassionate care for patients. Join Oncology Spa Solutions® in transforming the industry and making a difference. Continuing education plays a vital role in Oncology Spa Solutions®' commitment to providing the best Oncology Esthetics education possible. By staying up to date with the latest advancements and innovations in the field, their training programs remain comprehensive and relevant.

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Organization: Oncology Spa Solutions
Address: 6716 East Side Dr. NE, Suite #1-146, Tacoma, WA, United States, Washington
Phone: +1-253-405-5810

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