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Personalised recommendations for back-up power in your home

Personalised recommendations for back-up power in your home

What do you do on a typical day at home? Do you stream some movies on your big-screen TV? Fire up your laptop and do some online shopping? Or perhaps you prefer to simply sit back and scroll through your social media feeds from your smartphone?


Regardless of your preferred activities, there is no question that the network is an essential part of our home life: whether for relaxation, entertainment, or catching up on work remotely.

As my Schneider Electric colleague noted earlier, the importance of Internet access cannot be overstated in our hyperconnected world.

And keeping your Internet connectivity up starts with ensuring that the broadband modem stays powered - and protected - by plugging it to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

This ensures that power outages don't result in a network disruption for the family.

Don't forget your Wi-Fi equipment, either, which is typically part of the Internet router. In homes where a more sophisticated mesh Wi-Fi system is used to provide better wireless coverage, each Wi-Fi node will need to be protected accordingly.

To help simplify things, we highlight a handful of common user profiles below. Which one best describes you?


For someone who is self-employed or working as a home-based freelancer, there is no question that their livelihood is heavily reliant on the Internet.

Without a robust connection, emails and a plethora of online services that we increasingly rely on can't be accessed. And yes, don't forget to hook up your PC and monitor to the UPS, too.


Juggling the household chores in between cooking meals for the family are just the starters for a stay-at-home parent.

What little spare time that they have is probably spent logging on to pay the bills or do some online shopping for groceries. The Internet going down at the wrong moment can certainly make things difficult.


From League of Legends to Apex Legends, the digital life of the avid gamer rests heavily on the Internet connection and gaming rig staying up.

Lose power, and that water-cooled PC with RTX2080Ti falls silent, and there goes that opportunity to rack up the frags.

This includes console gamers when their large-screen TV flickers out during a blackout.


The typical household now consists of multiple "screens", ranging from the TV, laptops, tablets and smartphone devices.

School going children will probably need to submit some assignments online, while grandpa might be catching up on the latest season of his Netflix series.

Keeping everyone happy will require as many of these devices to be connected to a UPS as possible.

Regardless of what activities you and your family do, Schneider Electric offers a large range of UPS models that can help ensure that your precious electronics are protected against intermittent power surges or fluctuations on the mains power. And when a blackout ever happens, everything will keep on running.

For help on figuring out the right UPS for your home, check out this article on the important capabilities to look for in a UPS.

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