Phase 2 of 123rd Canton Fair Opens with Focus on Products' Upgraded Design and Function

GUANGZHOU, China, April 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Phase 2 of the 123rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), featuring kitchenware & tableware, general ceramics, household items, personal care products and pet products, has kicked off in Guangzhou. More than 3,600 companies across 6 sections are showcasing their latest products to buyers from across China and around the world. This year, customization and environmentally-friendly elements have become key drivers for most companies presenting at the Fair, with an emphasis on smart features that herald fundamental shifts in the market.

Phase 2 of 123rd Canton Fair Opens with Focus on Products' Upgraded Design and Function Phase 2 of 123rd Canton Fair Opens with Focus on Products' Upgraded Design and Function

"Phase 2 of Canton Fair is off to a great start," said Maggie Pu, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office at Canton Fair. "Phase 2 gathers the most extraordinary export enterprises of consumer goods in China, providing products that follow the latest market trends and are equipped with cutting-edge technology to global buyers. China is a leading country in the manufacturing and export of consumer products and we are proud of our role in introducing well-designed Chinese products to the world."

New Concepts for Households: A growing demand for intelligent and personalized experiences

As consumption structure continues to upgrade, more companies are focusing on the quality of product materials and designs. New products that closely follow the market trends to highlight electronic, intelligent and convenient features have become the highlight.

"Canton Fair is a very useful platform. It helps us demonstrate our new product designs and brand strength to buyers," said Liang Jianxiu, Design Director of Guangdong Linkfair Group Co., LTD, a company that has brought its wireless charging kitchen products and IF Design Award-winning pressure cooker to the exhibition. Established in 1993, it specializes in high-end smart kitchenware with more than 400 patents.

During its 20 years at Canton Far, Qingdao Kingking Applied Chemistry Co., Ltd., a company that designs, manufactures and exports wax products, always brings new product releases to Canton Fair, and this year is no different. For 2018, the company's products emphasize an updated personal design sensibility and a theme of wellness, both physically and mentally. Its aromatherapy products now include more natural ingredients to show respect for nature.

Amy Xing, Sales Director for Qingdao Kingking, explained that the reason that their company releases new products at Canton Fair is because they see it as a vital platform for gaining customer recognition and demonstrating brand strength.

Pets: New Members of the Home

With an increasing number of families owning pets, pet products have become a vital part of the household products section at Canton Fair, with a growing focus on the harmony between pet product solutions and the household environment.

Xue Yuanchao, Chairman of the Hangzhou Tianyuan pet products factory, announced that the company updates 30%-50% of their products for each exhibition and has released a newly-designed dog bed and cat tree, aiming to create a more in-depth integration between pet products and household products.

Phase 3 of the 123rd Canton Fair will continue to run from May 1 and last for 5 days, highlighting textiles& garments, food and drink.

About Canton Fair

The China Import and Export Fair ("Canton Fair"), is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and fall. Established in 1957, the fair is now a comprehensive exhibition with the longest history, highest level, largest scale and largest number of products as well as the broadest distribution of buyer origins and the highest business turnover in China.

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