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PHNIX Ultra-low Temperature Inverter EVI Heat Pump HeroPro Series Brings You A Better Home

PHNIX Ultra-low Temperature Inverter EVI Heat Pump HeroPro Series Brings You A Better Home

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- No matter if it is a scorching summer or a cold winter with white snow, or the moment when people return home after a tiring day, what always inspires people the most is nothing but a comfortable home with their beloved families. Compared with traditional heating devices like gas boilers, electric heaters, and furnaces, PHNIX HeroPro series is very popular and chosen by many families, especially in areas with extreme cold climate for its irreplaceable advantages of high efficiency, low energy cost, stability and excellent performance.

Inverter EVI Compressor Enable Strong Performance Under minus 59℉

HeroPro series adopts an inverter EVI compressor which solves the problems of insufficient heating and efficiency under low-temperature conditions and even enable the unit to keep stable running under minus 59°F. Moreover, the heating output of the heat pump can be modulated automatically according to the heat demand requirements so that energy savings is maximized.

HeroPro series heat pump is truly an ultimate solution for cold areas such as Canada and North America, and has become an ideal heating option many families.

Centralized and Decentralized Drainage Design

Defrosting drainage in winter has always been a problem in many heat pump products, but not in HeroPro series. With the flexible drainage design, HeroPro can flexibly adjust the drainage position according to the user's installation and ambient conditions, avoiding the excessive accumulation of water and re-freezing caused by defrosting.

140°F Hot Water Outlet

HeroPro series has realized product advancement on the adoption of inverter EVI technology, so it can not only operate excellently at ambient temperature under minus 86℉, but also produce hot water with high temperature up to 140℉.

"Over the last 6 months we have seen a 40% decrease in our energy bills compared to our previous gas boiler. I was dubious at the beginning about the air to water heat pumps but have been very impressed." Commented by one client who just upgraded his heating system at home with a HeroPro series heat pump.

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