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Ping An Good Doctor redefines industry standard substantially by launching multi-layered membership system

Ping An Good Doctor redefines industry standard substantially by launching multi-layered membership system

Adds new function to facilitate face-to-face online consultation with famous doctors

"What should we do? Our son has got fever. Don't panic, let's call our family doctor." This would have been a scene from US or European movies or TV dramas that could make the audience in Mainland China feel jealous. But now, thanks to the fast-growing online medical services, everyone can have access to the professional, convenient and trust-worthy doctors.

HONG KONG, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- "Private Doctors" under "Ping An Doctor Home", a sub-brand of Ping An Good Doctor (stock code: 1833.HK), completed a full product upgrade, offering a multi-layered membership system of health steward services to individuals and families. "Private Doctor" is now upgraded to include services of "Private Doctor" and "Family Doctor", providing personalized health management for individuals and families.

Comments are 99% positive after its debut for a year

In the second half of 2019, Ping An Good Doctor launched "Private Doctor", the first-of-its-kind family doctor service in Mainland China. This latest internet medical model effectively removed the geographical limitation of family doctors by offering all-round and high-quality one-stop medical and healthcare services. One year after its debut, 99% of comments that "Private Doctor" received have been positive, establishing its strong reputation and influence.

The latest upgrade of "Private Doctor" services expands from personal health management to covering family health management. In the upgraded version, it offers "Individual Edition" and "Family Edition", and the latter allows up to eight family members to share the services. Expanding from addressing medical needs to health management, it offers comprehensive services throughout the medical process, such as 7/24 online consultation, hospital outpatient appointment, registration, hospital referral and inpatient arrangement. The top and renowned doctors in China have been introduced to its online consultation service, with the aim of providing accurate and reliable expert healthcare solutions to patients and safeguarding family health.

Expanding from individuals to family while services can be shared by up to eight members

Since family is the smallest unit of the society, family health is a strong foundation for the health of all people, and health condition of family is everyone's top concern. Compared with the services before upgrade, Ping An Good Doctor's "Private Doctor" now classifies the services system into more tiers according to different levels of users' demand. The upgraded "Private Doctor" covers different scopes of service needs, ranging from individuals to family, and can be shared by up to eight family members, and provides different levels of membership service options according to actual healthcare needs of different people and family composition, hence truly offering personalized and customized healthcare services.

New audio and visual consultation service facilitates face-to-face meeting with famous doctors and experts in China

Apart from expanding the scope of services, the upgraded "Private Doctor" further enriches its services through "1+N" – a mode of consultation by a combination of general practitioners, medical experts and famous doctors in China. The "Private Doctor" service has a strong team of doctors to provide professional medical services that cater to different levels of healthcare needs such as common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and serious illnesses. With respect to the medical demand of the public for "consulting good and famous doctors", the "Private Doctor" service includes scholars from many different specialty areas, leaders of the state key disciplines as well as top and famous doctors to establish a famous doctor office. As such, it can provide online consultation service by the country's top and famous doctors, and offer accurate and reliable expert healthcare solutions to patients, thus allowing patients to enjoy quality and scarce medical resources.

Moreover, the upgraded "Private Doctor" can serve the users throughout the consultation and medical processes and meet different online and offline medical needs. On top of 24/7 online consultation, enquiry and daily health management, it also provides registration, hospital outpatient appointment, hospital referral and inpatient arrangement services, directly addressing the challenges of seeking medical services and making medical services hassle-free for patients.

It is also worth noting that "Private Doctor" has added the new online voice and video consultation service, allowing patients to talk to their doctors face-to-face at home and realize zero-distance communications between doctors and patients.

"Medical+Healthcare" model provides comprehensive health management services

As citizens become more and more conscious of healthy lifestyle, they have a strong sense to take preventive measures against illnesses and the concept of "prevention is better than cure" is deep-rooted in their mind. The upgraded "Private Doctor" provides more comprehensive and proactive healthcare services covering high-end checkup and testing projects, and health management services covering high-end health checkup, Chinese herbal drugs, vaccination, capsule gastroscopy and PET-CT, which can meet the growing demand for healthcare and medical services from individuals and families. Also, to address specific healthcare needs of users, "Private Doctor" provides one-on-one health steward services and unlimited offline consultation and checkup escort services, making it a real personal and attentive health manager for the users.

From 24/7 online consultation to one-stop online and offline medical and healthcare services; from medical consultation for one person to health management for the whole family, the all-round upgrade of "Private Doctor" constitutes a key part of the overall product upgrade of "Ping An Doctor Home" and also represents a major step in its strategic advancement. By offering full lifecycle solutions and bringing the best medical service experience which is convenient, effective, professional and reliable to users, "Private Doctor" is set to assist "Ping An Doctor Home" by providing a professional bridge for communications between doctors and patients, thus building China's largest online medical service platform with the most advanced model and highest competency.

Ping An Healthcare And Technology Company Limited

Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited is a world leading healthcare ecosystem platform. Currently, Ping An Good Doctor operates in key business segments, covering online medical services, consumer healthcare services and health malls, as well as health management and wellness interaction.

On May 4, 2018, Ping An Good Doctor became the No.1 listed internet health-tech company in the world when it joined the Hong Kong stock exchange under the stock code 1833.HK. As at April 2020, the market capitalization of Ping An Good Doctor exceeded HK$100 billion. Since July 2020, it has been included in the Hang Seng TECH Index.

The Ping An Good Doctor application has 346 million registered users and 67.27 million monthly active users as at the end of June 2020. Ping An Good Doctor is today the largest mobile medical application in China, in terms of user scale. Its in-house medical team has a staff of 1,836 medical professionals and its platform has a network of approximately 10,000 renowned doctors who provide consultations and diagnoses to users under the multi-sited practice model. This in-house medical team, empowered by an AI-based medical system, provides users with 24/7 online consultation services, including diagnosis, rehabilitation guidance and prescription advice. Ping An Good Doctor also collaborates with 3,700 hospitals (including close to 2,000 Class III hospitals) and over 111,000 pharmacies.


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