Ping An Technology Flexes New Muscle at IES 2018

HONG KONG, April 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- From April 12-13, the Internet Economy Summit (IES) 2018, which brought together global executives and local thought leaders, was held in Hong Kong. At this eye-catching "World Elite Meeting," industry magnates discussed how to seize the growth opportunities of the Internet economy and decoded the development trends of cutting-edge technology. As a representative of the AI industry, Ping An Technology CEO Ericson Chan discussed how AI had accelerated the development of financial technology, healthcare technology and Smart City, and his speech resonated with more than 3,000 heavyweights at the summit. 

Ericson Chan gives keynote speech.
Ericson Chan gives keynote speech.

Technology-driven: How can Ping An Technology become an industry representative?

It has been a global consensus that AI is no longer an exclusive domain of technology companies. Traditional industries have gained the upper hand with late-mover advantages, and Ping An Technology is a typical example. As a representative of the AI industry, Ping An Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ping An Group, demonstrated impressive technical strength at the Internet Economy Summit 2018. 

Nothing is smart without data. In the past few years, Ping An Technology has been committed to AI research and development. Ping An Group's 436 million internet users and 166 million individual customers have laid the foundation for Ping An Technology's high AI quotient and sophistication, so that it can truly understand users with "HEART." 

Ericson Chan explained that Ping An Technology, with a mature technology team, had developed the AI technologies that not only were unique among global financial institutions but also reached the global advanced level in science and technology. Its facial recognition, voiceprint recognition and micro-expression recognition accuracy rates reached 99.8%, 99.7% and 98.1% respectively. 

The global leading accuracy rates have opened a "dimension door" for Ping An Technology to multi-field applications. Its facial recognition has been used 1.2 billion person-times, covering more than 200 scenarios inside and outside Ping An Group, such as finance, healthcare, life service and security; voiceprint recognition has been applied to more than 10 scenarios such as App login, identity verification and blacklist recognition; micro-expression recognition can capture the customer's small facial expression changes through real-time remote video, intelligently judge and prompt fraud risks, and has been widely applied in the financial services such as loan review of Ping An Pu Hui. It can be seen that under the global AI boom, Ping An Technology has truly changed people's understanding of a smart life. 

In the era of extensive "AI+" exploration, AI concepts have emerged constantly. Ping An Technology is using solid results to deliver mature solutions to the world and witness the new economy and new impetus in the field of artificial intelligence. 

"AI+" builds Smart City to make future life more expectable 

"We believe that AI will fundamentally change the development of all walks of life in the city. We not only explore technology research and development but, more importantly, apply technologies to urban life scenarios," said Ericson Chan.

Ericson Chan at IES.
Ericson Chan at IES.

In Ping An Technology's R&D effort, AI+Finance has the most outstanding performance. For customers, they can obtain more intelligent and user-friendly experiences in virtual banking, smart investment research, damage assessment for car insurance, smart assistant, and smart wealth management; for regulatory institutions, they can realize smart monitoring, smart compliance review, smart network security management, smart risk management and control.

In AI+Healthcare, Ping An Technology is committed to building a comprehensive healthcare system. In his speech, Ericson Chan introduced the application of Ping An Technology's AI in the healthcare sector from four aspects. It not only can help governments accurately conduct disease prevention, including the prediction of the probability of influenza and the incidence of tumors, chronic disease, hypertension, and diabetes, but also can provide healthcare suppliers with smart image analysis, provide patients with a self-diagnosis and treatment system, and provide payers with anti-fraud protection and smart insurance. AI brings new experiences such as smart management, virtual doctors, smart tests and health trend analysis throughout the healthcare process. 

Through the deployment of the AI+ Smart Life, Smart Environmental Protection, Smart Administration, Smart Finance, Smart Security, Smart Healthcare, Smart Education and Smart Real Estate sectors, AI will become an important technical force for Ping An to develop new engines. Different from other technology companies engaging in the R&D of one or more AI+ Technologies, Ping An Technology will take on more social responsibilities, build a network, gradually integrate the R&D in different application areas into a system, use smart technology to provide more feasible solutions for urban construction, and make the future more predictable

About Ping An Technology

Ping An Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ping An Group, is committed to using AI, blockchain, cloud, security and other cutting-edge technologies to create a new cloud-based life for people. As a subsidiary, Ping An Technology is the Group's high-tech core and tech business incubator, responsible for the development and operation of the Group's key platforms and services; as an independent entity, Ping An Technology, with smart technology as a means and smart manufacturing as a blueprint, empowers the entire industry with science and technology, and applies internationally authenticated technical capabilities to the scenarios in all walks of life. At present, Ping An Technology has formed a cloud ecosystem in the fields of finance, healthcare, education, security, agriculture, entertainment and government, and actively fulfilled the corporate philosophy of changing lives with science and technology.

More than 4,000 IT professionals and management experts form a high-level R&D force to provide expert-level technical support for the stable and reliable operation of the platform. The current cloud ecosystem has already hosted 400 million Internet users. 

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