Ping An Technology highlights AI applications at 2018 GMIC

SHANGHAI, April 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The highly-anticipated Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) opened in Beijing on April 26. Now in its tenth year, GMIC has become the world's most influential mobile internet business platform. AI leaders including Geoffrey Hinton, Michael I. Jordan and Yann Lecun were present at the event. Ping An Technology CEO Ericson Chan was invited to deliver a keynote speech on the application of AI in the financial and medical sectors at the main forum.

Ericson Chan delivers keynote speech at GMIC
Ericson Chan delivers keynote speech at GMIC

Four AI technologies take front seats at the event

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary this year, Ping An Technology showcased the innovations that the company has been researching for the past decade at the event, providing attendees with interactive experiences based on what four AI recognition technologies - facial recognition, voiceprint recognition, micro-expression recognition and intelligent insurance claim handling - can deliver.

Unlike previous events, Ping An Technology showcased its commercially available high-tech products at this year's GMIC. Attendees were visibly drawn to the facial and voiceprint recognition screens in front of the Ping An Technology's exhibition area, and many stopped to get a closer look and give the applications a trial run. Are you an overbearing boss or a pushover? For a woman, are you someone that many would refer to as "cute", or are you a fashion queen? Ping An's voiceprint will "mischievously" tell you.

In the micro-expression interactive area, the application can capture a visitor's blinks or any subtle changes in expression and quickly determine his or her mood at that moment. Another highlight was a sand table model which demonstrated the smart city cloud platform being built by Ping An Technology, revealing what future cities and lives will be like.

Mr. Chan said that Ping An Technology has achieved huge breakthroughs involving five innovative technologies: facial recognition, voiceprint recognition, AI prediction, AI decision-making and blockchain. The accuracy rates have been head turners among industry watchers with facial recognition at 99.8 percent, voiceprint recognition at 99.7 percent and micro-expression recognition at 98.1 percent.

Creating new experiences for financial lives

With openness and confidence, Ping An Technology is seeking to share their technologies with all industries, propelled by the firm's strategy of creating a tech-driven company that can meet the rigid demands of various industries. In terms of the facial recognition technology alone, Ping An Technology has collaborated with firms and organizations spanning more than 200 market segments including banking, stock trading, insurance, healthcare, security and education. The technology can be flexibly applied in many service scenarios across the public, financial, educational and private sectors, including but not limited to real-name authentication when opening an account, identity verification when sitting for an exam as well as facial recognition for access control and for bank withdrawals.

"AI not only refers to facial, voiceprint and image recognition, but also integrates the technology into living scenarios, allowing more people to enjoy the convenience and improvement in the overall quality of life brought about by technology advances."

Opening a new chapter in medical lives

If the application of AI in the financial sector only benefits a small segment of the population, Ping An Technology's use of AI in the medial sector makes a bigger difference. The company has successfully created a complete medical system which promotes the AI-based development of China's medical industry through new technologies and applications. It provides disease prevention for governments, including the predication of the incidence of infectious and chronic diseases, intelligent medical image reading for healthcare providers, auxiliary diagnosis and treatment services for patients, as well as protection against fraud and intelligent insurance for policy holders.

AI is the future development trend, and the adoption of AI is a topic receiving a lot of attention. The theme of this year's GMIC - AI Genesis – was chosen in recognition of the fact that AI has successfully opened the next golden era as the current era defined by the mobile internet reaches full maturity. Mr. Chan, the CEO, summed it up succinctly with an explanation of the firm's mission: with the help of internet cloud services, Ping An Technology looks forward to promoting AI technology with its partners, making AI accessible and available to everyone and to every aspect of our lives.

About Ping An Technology

Ping An Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ping An Group, is committed to using AI, blockchain, cloud, security and other cutting-edge technologies to create a new cloud-based life for people. As a subsidiary, Ping An Technology is the Group's high-tech core and tech business incubator, responsible for the development and operation of the Group's key platforms and services; as an independent entity, Ping An Technology, with smart technology as a means and smart manufacturing as a blueprint, empowers the entire industry with science and technology, and applies internationally authenticated technical capabilities to the scenarios in all walks of life. At present, Ping An Technology has formed a cloud ecosystem in the fields of finance, healthcare, education, security, agriculture, entertainment and government, and actively fulfilled the corporate philosophy of changing lives with science and technology.

More than 4,000 IT professionals and management experts form a high-level R&D force to provide expert-level technical support for the stable and reliable operation of the platform. The current cloud ecosystem has already hosted 400 million Internet users.

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