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Pixelworks Becomes a Unity Verified Solutions Partner to Improve Visual Display for Mobile Gaming

Pixelworks Becomes a Unity Verified Solutions Partner to Improve Visual Display for Mobile Gaming

The Pixelworks Rendering Accelerator Enables Unity Developers to Reach a New Standard for Silky-Smooth Mobile Gaming Experience

SHANGHAI, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), a leading provider of visual processing solutions, today announced it is now a Unity Verified Solutions Partner ("VSP"). This means that Unity has vetted the Pixelworks SDK and ensured that it is optimized for the latest version of the Unity editor, providing a seamless experience for Unity developers.

The Unity Verified Solutions Program supports Unity developers and creators through partnerships with technologies that help shorten application delivery times, improve game performance, minimize downtime, and accelerate adoption.

Pixelworks provides industry-leading technology and solutions for content creation, video delivery, and display processing – targeted at enabling highly-authentic viewing experiences with superior visual quality, across all screens. With the convenience of portability and continued performance improvements, smartphones have become the go-to device for multiple forms of visual entertainment. Specific to gamers, certain prominent pain points have remained synonymous with mobile gaming, such as the tradeoffs commonly associated with higher frame rates. Pixelworks' solutions augment the display performance capabilities of mobile devices to enable the seamless play of AAA games in HDR at a high frame rate over extended periods, while simultaneously retaining a fully optimized and immersive visual experience.

In late 2021, Pixelworks launched its X7 visual processor and Rendering Accelerator Solution 2.0 for the advanced display processing of mobile games. Designed on the basis of an X7 processor, Pixelworks' Rendering Accelerator Solution provides powerful, industry-first features that effectively combat the inherent pain points associated with gaming on mobile devices. Now, as VSP of Unity, Pixelworks aims to contribute to building a more robust and sustainable gaming ecosystem alongside other key players in the gaming industry, including content providers, game developers, mobile platforms, and other technology providers.

The release of Pixelworks' Rendering Accelerator intends to serve as a catalyst for bringing ultra-smooth motion and a longer time of play for games on mobile devices. Coupled together with Pixelworks' X7 processor, the Rendering Accelerator solution elevates content frame rate by pre-processing motion vectors more precisely and efficiently to deliver the optimal and smooth animation, while simultaneously offloading the GPU to extend the length of gameplay and lowering the operating temperature of mobile devices.

"As the world's leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D content, Unity has gained immense popularity among game developers due to its cutting-edge technology and abundant resources that extend across the full game development lifecycle," said Todd DeBonis, President and CEO, Pixelworks. "By becoming a Unity VSP, we aim to expand on our vision to embrace technology innovation and an improved user experience, coupled together with a cooperative development environment and comprehensive support tools for the entire gaming community. It's exciting to work with both Unity and OEM partners to positively impact all phases of the mobile gaming development lifecycle, and thus bring valued benefits and a premium gaming experience to more users."

"We're pleased to welcome Pixelworks to the VSP program," said Junbo Zhang, Unity Greater China President and Global Senior VP. "We hope our creators enjoy success through the use of the newly available Rendering Accelerator." As part of elevating users' gaming experience with superior visual display performance, Pixelworks continues to develop dedicated visual processing solutions that allow mobile OEMs to meet the growing and individualized demands of end consumers. The Company's visual processors and solutions have been successfully applied and recognized by many well-known mobile device manufacturers, including vivo, OPPO, OnePlus, Black Shark, HONOR and realme.

For game developers who are interested in Pixelworks' Rendering Accelerator, please direct detailed inquiries to: 

About Pixelworks

Pixelworks (NASDAQ: PXLW) provides industry-leading content creation, video delivery and display processing solutions and technology that enable highly authentic viewing experiences with superior visual quality, across all screens – from cinema to smartphone and beyond. The Company has more than 20 years of history delivering image processing innovation to leading providers of consumer electronics, professional displays and video streaming services.
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