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Platform + Sharing Giant TOJOY Expects a Trillion-Dollar Valuation in the Future

Platform + Sharing Giant TOJOY Expects a Trillion-Dollar Valuation in the Future

BEIJING, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- At the recent 2020 China Unicorn Carnival, co-sponsored by China Business News and The China Business Federation, Experts in attendance generally agreed that companies including Bytedance, SpaceX, Alibaba, Didi, WhatsApp, Airbnb, and TOJOY Sharing could all potentially reach the trillion-dollar valuation mark, with much competition expected for which could do so first.

Many tycoons gathered for the "Who will be the next trillion unicorn" themed forum
Many tycoons gathered for the "Who will be the next trillion unicorn" themed forum

TOJOY Global CEO Ge Jun voiced his confidence that TOJOY could indeed become the next trillion-dollar valuated company. Ge pointed out similarities that TOJOY's model has with Apple – where Ge worked as an executive for years as the company built itself into the world's first company with a trillion-dollar valuation.

Ge said that Apple had succeeded by integrating the world's best production capabilities with world class software development and visual and ergonomic design. Ge felt that TOJOY is doing something similar as it integrates the shared resources of over 800,000 active entrepreneurs on the TOJOY platform to accelerate businesses. With millions of entrepreneurs worldwide ready to put their own resources towards promising business models, the market is large.

Ge also explained why he feels TOJOY will become a trillion-dollar valued company.

"TOJOY has accelerated 229 projects, delivering rapid growth through services in exchange for equity," said Ge.

"In another five years, TOJOY can reach 2,000 to 3,000 accelerated companies. In accordance with the value growth created for these companies, it is expected that TOJOY will grow to a trillion-dollar market value."

Ge said he believes that enterprise-level services such as TOJOY's will increasingly be in demand over the next 20 years. According to Ge, there is no other business ecosystem comparable to the forest-like one Mr. Li described that TOJOY has created.

"Platform + Sharing" model hopes to create the next super unicorn

The resilience of this platform was shown by TOJOY's continued business growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having prepared a global collaborative digital business platform in advance, TOJOY was able to take its full business online quickly at the start of the pandemic. This not only brought its Unicorn Business Opportunity Sharing Conferences online, but also enabled all 7,000 of its employees to work remotely.

Even before China's pandemic recovery, the TOJOY Entrepreneur Cloud app hosted nearly 30 online China Unicorn Business Opportunity Sharing Conferences and released more than 100 high-quality projects.

In its first online/offline event following the pandemic, the 2020 China Unicorn Carnival, TOJOY announced that 34 projects that were incubated on the TOJOY Sharing Platform have collectively launched plans to list publicly. This brings TOJOY one step closer to its goal of a trillion-dollar valuation.

TOJOY plans to continue helping innovative companies grow into large companies it refers to as "big trees", and thus grow its ecosystem into a lush "forest". With this system it hopes to become the next trillion-dollar valuation super unicorn.


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