Play2Live Launches In-game “Fortnite” Interactive Tasks For Streamers

LIMASSOL, CYPRUS - Media OutReach - July 24, 2018 - Play2Live , cybersports streaming platform, announces that users can assign interactive tasks to streamers in the game, "Fortnite", and monitor their progress. This creates interactions between platform users, and forming an economy around the Level Up Coin (LUC) token as the only means of payment within the platform.

Any user of the Play2Live platform can offer a streamer in "Fortnite" to use specific weapons, equipment, skills, including within a specified time or on a specific location.

"These are unique features for streamers and their subscribers where they will be directly affecting the content produced. In "Fortnite", users can ask the player to eliminate 10 opponents using sniper rifles, conduct uninterrupted three hour streams - change the game altogether. Any user can support someone else's tasks using LUC tokens or assign their own tasks," says technical director, Vladislav Arbatov.

Streamers can select several tasks at the same time. If their efforts are successful, they will receive rewards equal to the price set for the task, and in the event of failure, the tokens are returned to the viewers.

The neural network "watches" the stream and determines with precision whether the task was carried out. The task itself is a smart contract with a deposit in LUC tokens, like an escrow, with a deposit for the time allocated for the task performed by the streamer.

The most actively involved users will also receive rewards in tokens, allowing them to gamify their interactions within the platform. The more active users participate in various activities, the more tokens earned.

Play2Live is testing the system of interactive tasks on the game "Fortnite", soon, the number of games allowing for interactive tasks will multiply.

"Interactive tasks are already successful in "Overwatch" - by the end of the year, such functions will be available for more than 300 games. The internal system of neural network training will allow for adding new types of events quickly. We will work closely with the community, as we will be asking fans what tasks they would consider to be most interesting," says Arbatov.

Play2live combines blockchain and streaming, where users spend in more than 15 ways, thrice more than any similar project. Streamers can monetize their content in 11 different ways, while other platforms only have 4 to 5 ways.