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POEA-Licensed Agency Invests in Building Nation's Nursing Resources

POEA-Licensed Agency Invests in Building Nation's Nursing Resources

MANILA, Philippines, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Health Carousel Philippines announces a commitment to support ten nursing faculty for their Master's or Doctoral degrees in nursing. This pledge will fund tuition, books, and other related fees at the selected partner nursing schools. The scholarships are part of Health Carousel Philippines' Light the Way initiative to support ethical and sustainable nurse recruitment, ideals to which the POEA-licensed agency's US partner, Health Carousel, LLC, is similarly committed.

Each partner school of nursing will select one or two Light the Way Nurse Scholars. The scholars will be nominated by the Dean of the College of Nursing based on academic performance, contribution to the practice of nursing, and their desire to serve as nurse educators.

"There has been an ongoing debate as to whether it is good to send so many of our healthcare professionals abroad, especially during the pandemic," said Connie de la Cruz, Co-founder, and Chairman of Health Carousel Philippines. "Opposing sides say this is brain drain, nurses say it is their right to seek better opportunities overseas, and others say remittances are necessary to the economy. Still, others say higher wages in different occupations are luring nurses away. I'm happy to say that Health Carousel Philippines and its Light the Way Scholarship program is a good thing, regardless of which side of the debate you are on. I'm happy that our success as an organization has afforded us the great honor to be a part of shaping the future of Philippines nursing for years to come. The training of one nurse educator can supply our country and the world with hundreds of nurses in the future."

The Graduate Degree in Nursing Scholarship for nurse educators is the company's humble way to produce more master-prepared and doctorate-prepared nursing faculty who will teach the next generation of nursing students. Apart from creating world-class nurse faculty and leaders, the impact of this initiative will be measured not only by the number of students the educators will train, but also by the quality of nursing education they provide.

About Health Carousel Philippines and Light the Way

Health Carousel Philippines is a POEA-licensed recruitment agency and social enterprise specializing in US career opportunities for healthcare professionals. They lead in not just in the number of healthcare professionals they assist, but also in their ethical practices and proficiency in their endeavors. Their Light the Way initiative is a means to reinvest in the ethical treatment and sustainability of the Filipino healthcare professional, upon which, the country and the world depend.

In 2021, Health Carousel Philippines' Light the Way initiatives included Nurse Licensure Exam Masterclasses to help nurses pass the PRC board exam which was delayed for as long as 19 months, and Faculty Development Training to help nursing faculty adapt to virtual teaching necessitated by the pandemic. Both of these well-regarded programs are once again offered in 2022.

Further, to promote excellence in nursing, Health Carousel Philippines, in coordination with Health Carousel, LLC, partnered with Daisy Foundation to give Daisy Awards to Extraordinary Nurses in the Philippines. It is a way of providing meaningful recognition and honoring the wonderful work that nurses do. This recognition program improves nurse engagement and promotes a healthy work environment that benefits the nurses, patients, the organization, and the community they serve.

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