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POKKA Singapore’s coffee, a distinguished name in coffee craftsmanship since 1972, is thrilled to announce the launch of its FIRST DRIP Coffee series. This premium coffee series come in 3 flavours: Black Coffee No Sugar, Vanilla Caffe Latte and Flat White Intense.

POKKA FIRST DRIP COFFEE: We Took Our Time, So You Can Take Yours

The POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee series is a testament to POKKA Coffee's dedication to excellence, combining the richness of tradition with the spirit of innovation. Slow drip brewed to perfection, each bottle of POKKA FIRST DRIP coffee promises an unparalleled coffee experience, featuring the pure essence of 100% real coffee beans including Arabica beans, 100% real milk and no colouring or artificial sweetener. 

In a world that moves at an unprecedented pace, POKKA Coffee believes in the transformative power of taking a moment to pause. The POKKA FIRST DRIP series is not just about coffee; it’s about creating a ritual that allows individuals to reconnect with themselves, recharge, and face their day with renewed vigour. Each sip of POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee is an invitation to slow down, savour the present, and appreciate the intricate flavours and aromas that only a meticulously slow drip brew can offer.

Key Features of POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee Series:

·     100% Real Coffee Beans: Crafted using 100% coffee beans to extract the purest flavours, ensuring an authentic and elevated coffee experience.

·     Contains Arabica Beans: Made with premium Arabica beans, known for their superior flavour and aroma, enhancing the overall coffee experience.

·     100% Real Milk: Features 100% real milk, providing a creamy and natural taste that complements the robust coffee flavours.

·     No Artificial Sweeteners: Enjoy the natural sweetness of these drinks, free from any artificial sweeteners, ensuring a healthier choice for consumers.

·     No Colouring: Contains no colouring, preserving the natural state of the ingredients.

·     No Preservatives: Free from preservatives, ensuring a pure and fresh coffee experience in every sip.

·     Healthier Choice: Brewed with health-conscious consumers in mind, offering a nutritious yet delicious coffee offering.

Highlights of POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee Series:

1. POKKA FIRST DRIP Black Coffee No Sugar (320ml):

  - Launching exclusively at all 7-Eleven outlets in June 2024.

  - A celebration of the spectrum of coffee flavours, allowing the natural flavours of the beans to shine through without any added sugars.

  - Unique smoothness, providing a refreshing lift to the coffee’s natural flavours without creating any harshness.

  - Ideal for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate a delicate and authentic taste of coffee in its purest form.

2. POKKA FIRST DRIP Vanilla Caffe Latte (320ml):

  - Launching exclusively at all 7-Eleven outlets in July 2024.

  - A delightful blend of coffee notes and rich, velvety vanilla for a well-rounded mouthfeel. 

  - Ideal for those who loves an indulgent coffee, without compromising on health.

3. POKKA FIRST DRIP Flat White Intense (320ml):

  - Launching across all major retailers island wide from August 2024.

  - Combines the smoothness of milk with intricate yet intense layers of coffee for a deep, satisfying coffee experience.

  - Perfect for those who enjoy a robust and sophisticated coffee experience

Meet Chotto

In a fast-paced world where efficiency and speed are often prioritized, Chotto our sloth serves as a gentle reminder to counterbalance this rush by taking intentional pauses. Chotto encourages mindfulness and presence, aligning with the idea that enjoying a bottle of POKKA Coffee can be a moment of recalibration and reflection amidst a busy day, to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Engaging Brand Activations

To celebrate the launch, POKKA has planned a series of engaging activities and events:

i.              Brand Roadshows: Experience the new POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee Series at Guoco Tower in July and SMU in August. Savour our POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee, challenge yourself to our Match N Win game, and snap a photo with Chotto, the world’s chillest coffee-drinker.

ii.             Vending Activations: In the month of September, look out for our specially designed vending machines at prime locations like Bugis+ and Capitol. These activations aim to drive product trials and purchases, complete with a chance to Pause and snuggle up with Chotto!

iii.            Guerrilla Pop-ups and Sampling Drives: Across various locations including Raffles Place, Amoy Street from June to October. Each pop-up will feature our POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee café setting, encouraging all to stop by to take a pause and savour the POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee Series.

iv.            Media Launch Event: Mark your calendars for International Coffee Day on October 1st and International Sloth Day on October 20th, where we will host an exclusive media launch event to introduce the POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee Series.

"Since 1972, POKKA Coffee has been committed to delivering exceptional coffee experiences. With the launch of POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee, we are taking our passion to the next level, offering a product that not only tastes incredible but also enriches the lives of our consumers," said Melissa Ng, Senior Marketing Manager, POKKA Singapore. "We believe that in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's essential to take a mindful pause, and POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee is our way of helping people do just that."

POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee series will be available from June at 7-Eleven outlets nationwide.

Join us in celebrating the art of coffee and the power of a pause with POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee series.


POKKA is a renowned beverage brand known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Our products are crafted with the finest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every sip offers a delightful experience. The POKKA FIRST DRIP Coffee Series is a testament to our dedication to strive to deliver a coffee experience that is both exceptional and mindful.

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POKKA Coffee – Power of A Pause. We took our time, so you can take yours.

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