Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum Renewal Project

- Tsuruga approaching 2 big anniversaries - the arrival of Polish Orphans in 1920, 100 years ago, and the arrival of Jewish Refugees in 1940, 100 years ago
- Crowdfunding project started to raise money to renew the Museum which memorialises Jewish refugees and Polish Orphans that arrived

Tsuruga, Japan, Apr 9, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - In the first half of the 20th Century, war and revolution were things that were happening regularly. With this many people think of the number of people that were killed or died instead of looking at the positive stories, the stories of saviours and those that escaped.

In 1920, with the Russian Revolution having a vast and reaching impactful effect on the region, a number of Polish children were orphaned and ended up in Vladivostok. These Polish children were saved and brought via ship to Tsuruga City, where they were clothed, fed and then taken to Tokyo. Then in 1940 with the invasion of Poland, a mass of Jewish refugees fled first to Lithuania, and then received Visas of Life to get passage to Japan. This led to them arriving in waves via Tsuruga City once again. This led to the Jewish refugees calling Tsuruga City, the Port of Humanity.

In order to share the stories of the refugees, as well as the events that took place, the city created the Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum 10 years ago. However, this place doesn't fully meet the requirements that we wish to fully explain about the refugees and the events that took place. So as the area around it will be renewed, we wish to renew the museum buildings to give a space to help bring these events to the foreground.

One way that they are looking at is to use crowdfunding to raise a small amount of the money necessary to renew the museum. With this crowdfunding campaign, they are looking for people that were affected by the events of the past and the communities that were helped or even created by the people that were saved by coming to Tsuruga.

You can find the crowdfunding page link here: https://en.japankurufunding.com/projects/port-of-humanity/

You can find Japankuru Funding at: https://en.japankurufunding.com

For more information, please contact: info@japankurufunding.com

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