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Povison Teams Up With Milan-Based Cono Studio for Artistic EKERO Furniture Collection

Povison Teams Up With Milan-Based Cono Studio for Artistic EKERO Furniture Collection

SACRAMENTO, Calif. , Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Povison, an international online home improvement and decor platform, has teamed up with world-renowned, Milan-based furniture design team Cono Studio to launch an exciting new collection of products.

The EKERO collection, a fabulous new variety of furniture items in an artistic style to spruce up household space, takes its design inspiration from the harmonious proportion and rhythmic curves of the human body that bridge "art and life'.

 "We are delighted to be cooperating with this world-renowned Italian designer team. We hope our designs can bring not just comfort but happiness to our customers. In the future, we will continue to innovate in furniture product design to provide a comfortable life for families all around the world," said Povison CEO Ayden Lin Commenting on the collaboration.

While life may not be always simple, that doesn't need to translate to the home. Understandably, people often yearn for a simple homelife to escape from the hustle and bustle, and this is often reflected in the design of the home.  It's not difficult to see why minimalist furniture has become so popular over the last few years.

While collaborating with Cono Studio, masters of innovative furniture design, Povison is pleased to announce the EKERO collection is going to debut at High Point Exhibitions 2022 this October, providing the customers a closer look at the design:

EKERO collection by POVISON
EKERO collection by POVISON

  • Coffee Table
    With a 360-degree rotation design, the CNC finishing and manual polishing not only retains the fine texture of the surface solid wood veneer but also has a comfortable feel. Additionally, the stainless-steel base at the bottom gives firm support.

  • TV Stand
    With four doors and two drawers, left and right doors with movable laminates, and upper and lower drawers with air holes in the middle, the TV stand also has a solid wood multi-layer board cabinet, which is stable and durable. The top is covered with 6mm black sintered stone, which is antifouling and abrasion resistant.

  • Dining Table
    The base continues the inspiration of asymmetric design and uses complex technology to ensure the stability of the base while realizing the solid wood structure. The base plate is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, improving its practicability.

  • Sideboard
    With a three-door asymmetric design, the sideboard has a movable shelf and a solid wood multilayer cabinet, which is stable and deformation resistant. The frame is made of stainless steel, giving strength, a stable structure and durability.

EKERO Collection is matched with multi-layer solid wood panels and a natural catalpa surface. The 6mm thick matt slate on the top surface of the furniture makes the furniture hard and scratch-resistant. In addition, the five core accessories and stainless steel metal handles and bases ensure a firm and durable experience in use, which effectively increases the high practicability of the furniture in addition to the beautiful design.

This co-operation with the well-established Italian design firm is part of Povison's long-term plan of seeking out new trends and innovating with the best furniture experts across the globe, to bring a whole new level of comfort and innovation to furniture.

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