Power of the north-east

Power of the north-east

To enjoy the benefits of Vasthu Sastra recommendations effectively, an individual should understand the flow of earth energies because they have subtle interactive influences on a human being.

According to the principles of Vasthu Sastra (also known as Indian feng shui) the earth's electromagnetic forces experience constant changes and these fluctuations have an impact on the human mind and body.

The earth, which is about 13,000km in diameter, is like a huge ball of magnet. It has lines of energy running from north to south, and from east to west, along the path of the sun.

Auspicious north-east

The Indian art of placement, stresses that houses should be designed accordingly, in order to maintain balance so that they vibrate in harmony with the cosmic forces.

The earth's axis tilts at an angle of 23.10° towards the north-east, which is one of the most auspicious sectors and directions in Vasthu.

Vasthu gives a lot of importance to the north-east because the rays from the morning sun touches the earth at this sector. Therefore, this sector in any building is regarded with great respect.

The beneficial energies received from the north-east meander towards the north-west and south-east corners before settling in the south-west sector. They do not flow in a straight line.

Master of the house

This is why Vasthu says that the south-west sector that stores the positive sun rays in any property should be the place for the master of the house. This is to enable the breadwinner to enjoy good health, happiness, harmony and prosperity.

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