Prasm, establishing blockchain-based ecosystem through alliance with digital healthcare companies

SEOUL, South Korea, July 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Prasm released the news of entering into alliance with Omni C&S, Mediage and Infit & Company.

Prasm, establishing blockchain-based ecosystem through alliance with digital healthcare companies.
Prasm, establishing blockchain-based ecosystem through alliance with digital healthcare companies.

Prasm is an artificial intelligence-based decentralized bioinformatics network and Prasm protocol is characterized by storing and utilizing biometrics in and from blockchain. Through this alliance, Prasm will provide blockchain infrastructure to each company, which will join the blockchain platform of Prasm as 'project participants'.

According to Prasm, biometrics of medical and healthcare related users such as hospitals are currently being traded among the institutions without being aware of such transactions. Profits generated is not being returned to the users at all. Prasm explained that the aforementioned 3 companies decided to participate in the blockchain platform of Prasm for the purpose of enabling the holders of biometrics to take initiatives in receiving wellness and healthcare services customized to the actual lifestyle of service users through decentralization of biometrics.

Companies that entered into alliance relationship with Prasm share the common characteristic of specializing in "digital healthcare". Omin C&S (representative director: Kim, Yong Hoon) is a company providing "Omni Fit Mind Care" service, which is a solution for provision of healing training contents in accordance with the analysis made on the stress and brain health by measuring bio-signals such as pulse wave and brainwave. Mediage (representative director: Kim, Kang Hyeong) provides customized healthcare services through mobile devices in accordance with the results of analysis of health conditions of staff and executives of corporations. Infit & Company (representative director: Han, Seong Ho) is a start-up company currently developing various medical devices such as digital health device which is capable of directly measuring abdominal fat as well as breast cancer diagnosis device with high level of diagnostic accuracy.

Mr. Kwon, Yong Hyeon, the wellness director of Prasm, stated that, "biometrics is extremely broad" and "all biometrics including blood collection through blockchain platform of Prasm, receiving saliva and hair through courier service, and recording sleep activities through internet of things, etc. can be converted to cryptocurrency." Mr. Kwon further stated that "we will operate flag shop that enable users to measure their current health conditions by collaborating with each of the companies through this alliance" and "establish wellness center in 2018 on the basis of big data and know-how accumulated through the operation of this flag shop."

Mr. Kim, Kang Hyeong, the representative director of Mediage stated that, "Mediage is providing a diverse range of services such as nutrition recommendation service including functional health food, etc., exercise program, instructor matching service as well as massage shop matching service on the basis of biological age measured on the basis of health information" and "we will introduce these services through the Prasm flag shop." He further disclosed that, "we will continue to establish healthcare business solutions through mutual cooperation with Prasm in the future."

Prasm held official meet-up in Korea in May and has the plan to hold meet-ups in overseas countries including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Denver and Orlando in the future. More details on Prasm can be found in the official website of Prasm.

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