Preparing for the Future of Work: Anagram Group Announces New Focus of Training Leaders for the Digital Age

Preparing for the Future of Work: Anagram Group Announces New Focus of Training Leaders for the Digital Age

SINGAPORE, Sept. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- With half of all jobs in the next 10 years estimated to disappear due to Artificial Intelligence (AI), corporate training company Anagram Group has announced a new focus to its leadership and soft skills workshops -- equipping leaders for the future.

Among new workshops it will introduce include "Design Thinking & Innovation", and its signature programme, "Leadership In The Digital Age", which is also available as a keynote speech, workshop, or year-long programme. In addition, all its current soft-skills, management, and leadership workshops will be oriented towards preparing executives and managers for the world of digitisation and automation.

"In the future, many studies have cited that 50% of jobs could disappear due to AI. As business costs rise, more employers could hire freelancers from a global pool rather than local employees. This will mean increased competition for jobs, flatter organisation structures, and more pressure for leaders to innovate and drive change within companies. To stand out from the pack, leaders will need superior soft skills and technological know-how to manage humans and the increasing involvement of technology," said Mark Stuart, Managing Director / Head Trainer of Anagram Group.

"As soft skills become even more critical for managers, Anagram's workshops will cater to behaviours that are more challenging for artificial intelligence to replicate – such as understanding, motivating, and interacting with human beings. Skills like persuasion, social understanding, complex problem solving and empathy will become increasingly important," said Mark.

"Anagram plans to cater to these needs through workshops such as "Emotional Intelligence", which will equip leaders with empathy, "Design Thinking & Innovation" which will challenge leaders to be more creative, and "Change Management" which will prepare leaders to manage vast changes within their organisations," added Mark.

"We cannot fight the progress of technology – we can only prepare for it. We have seen a 45% surge in workshop requests catering towards preparing managers for change, innovation and the digital era. The challenge for future leaders would be how to use their soft skills and creativity to innovate in the workplace, and that is what we aim to provide. We are also seeking partners and collaborators who are focused on delivering this need," said Liyana Stuart, Marketing Director of Anagram Group.

In addition to introducing new, future-oriented workshops, selected workshops will also come with post-training, digital resources such as videos, quizzes, and activities. Anagram's training methodology will combine the convenience of e-learning with the interaction of face-to-face, in-class learning for maximum retention and results.

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