Press Conference of 2018 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair held in Beijing Successfully

Achievement Conversion and Capital Deployment via CIEF

BEIJING, June 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- 2018 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (hereinafter referred to as "CIEF") will, once again, present a global grand event for the dialogue between capital and technology, and the connection between projects and industries. On June 5, Zheng Haojun (Director of Enterprise Innovation Service Center, China Association for Science and Technology), Zhang Jianhua (Deputy Secretary General of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality), Chen Shuang (Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman, Guangzhou Association for Science and Technology), Guo Hao (Deputy Director of Enterprise Innovation Service Center, China Association for Science and Technology), Li Jiang (Deputy Inspector of Guangzhou Science, Technology and Innovation Committee) and Zhu Dongfang (Vice-President of IDG China) attended the press conference of 2018 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair in Beijing, giving an introduction to the preparation and important content of 2018 CIEF. Representatives from the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, EUSME Center and Italian businesses also attended this conference.

2018 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair will be held in Guangzhou from June 22 to June 24. At that time, the frontiers and infinite possibilities of today's science and technology development will be fully shown through the 3-day exhibition with an exhibition area of 21,000m2, over 1,000 exhibitors, achievement projects and over 30 special events, as well as over 200 forum speakers, over 100 responsible persons of venture capital institutions and more than 20 academicians will gather in Guangzhou to provide advice, opinions and guidance for industrial development, technical innovation and investment entrepreneurship.

20 Theme Exhibition Zones + Over 30 Special Activities

This edition of CIEF has a total of 20 exhibition zones, focusing on the exhibition of technological achievements in strategic emerging industries, including AIworld Artificial Intelligence Exhibition Zone, New Generation Information Technology Exhibition Zone, Automobile Technology Innovation Brand Exhibition Zone, Intelligent Health and Biomedical Exhibition Zone and Military & Civilian Integration Exhibition Zone. It also demonstrates the projects related to key factors on the "Chain of Innovation" such as capital, talent, information and intellectual property rights in International and Domestic Innovation & Entrepreneurship Exhibition Zone and High-End Talents Achievement Exhibition Zone.

The International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition Zone will present the innovation and entrepreneurship projects in the countries and regions such as the US, South Korea, Finland, Norway, Japan, Israel, Singapore, Sweden and New Zealand. The Domestic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition Zone will have a "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area", demonstrating over 80 projects from Hong Kong and Macao apart from those of Mainland China. The High-end Talents Achievement Exhibition Zone will have a special Academician Zone and a special Jiusan Society Zone. The "Future Unicorn" Zone, Incubator/Industrial Park Leading Brand Exhibition Zone and Startup Helicopter Zone will exhibit Chinese and foreign well-known investment institutions and outstanding post-investment enterprises, famous Chinese and foreign incubators / mass innovation spaces / industrial parks, as well as different achievements of mass entrepreneurship and innovation events held in CIEF and Guangzhou, where visitors may witness the birth of the next unicorn.

This edition of CIEF will have over 30 special activities, covering multiple forms such as keynote speeches, special reports, round-table discussions, academic exchanges, science lectures, expert dialogues, and mass entrepreneurship and innovation events. Most the special activities are closely combined with exhibitions, building platforms for the connection between project and capital, and helping project achievements be converted and utilized. Over 200 well-known Chinese and foreign scientists, entrepreneurs and venture capital guests will speak at the special activities, such as Future Technology Summit, 2018 Guangzhou Venture Capital Round-table Summit, Guangzhou Technology Forum, You're the Next: Founder Experience Sharing, Automotive Technology Innovation Forum, and Integration/Disintegration - Artificial Intelligence Powers the Industry, providing advice, opinions and guidance for industrial development, technical innovation and investment entrepreneurship.

Truly realizing the "Never-closed" CIEF

China Innovation and Technology Achievement Exchange Conference was held in 2015, renamed as China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair officially in 2016, and was approved in 2017 to be held in Guangzhou, becoming another "nationwide" fair in Guangzhou. Through the practices in the past three editions, CIEF has played an active role in promoting the conversion of technological achievements, settling the "Last Mile" problem of conversion from scientific research achievements to industrial applications, and guiding technological innovation resources to provide technological and intellectual support for local economic and social development. The Fair is becoming better and better, exhibitors are more and more enthusiastic to participate, the level of participating projects has been improving constantly, and the Fair is becoming dramatically influential.

According to Zhang Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality, CIEF has, in the past three years, presented over 4400 projects, and over 140 projects have been converted for implementation, with a transaction amount being about RMB 6.9 billion. Particularly, in 2017, CIEF online trading platform, covering over 8000 achievements, was launched, and eight service organizations, such as Guangzhou South China New Material Innovation Park and Guangzhou TusPark, had been established, indicating that the "1+1+N" (i.e., one fair, one network platform and N service organizations) CIEF Achievement Conversion System was put into use, and announcing that "Never-closed" Fair was realized truly. 2017 CIEF made relatively large breakthroughs, regardless of project cooperation intention or project transaction amount, realizing the cooperation intention of 160 projects and the conversion and utilization of 63 projects throughout the year, with a transaction amount being RMB 6.28584 billion.

More Internationalized, Specialized and Marketized 2018 CIEF

Internationalization, specialization and marketization are the purpose of organizing 2018 CIEF. This year, the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality invites International Data Group (IDG) to hold CIEF jointly, aiming at providing all-around services related to global resources, venture capital, exhibition affairs, publicity and promotion, etc. IDG has been a partner of CIEF, and the Venture Capital Round-table Summit organized by IDG is also a brand activity of CIEF. This year, IDG will hold its international maker contest, Global Mobile Internet Creative Development Competition (MIC), in Guangzhou, and will invite outstanding entrepreneurial teams from countries such as China, the US, South Korea, Finland, Norway and Italy to participate and the representatives from Chinese and foreign well-known investment institutions, incubators and industrial parks to have face-to-face exchange.

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