Private Detective Agency Switzerland headquartered in Zurich leading in Global and Switzerland Due Diligence and Online Fraud Investigations

Private Detective Agency™ is a premier private investigative firm, providing affordable and discreet investigations throughout Switzerland, Liethenstein and globally.

A quote of the Private Detective Agency Switzerland is 'What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence.' This is a Samuel Jackson quote in the offices of the Private Detective Agency™ .

Global Due Diligence Investigations

In Deals Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland based in Zürich-City with private detectives and private investigators everywhere near you, solve the important problems that stand in the way of value being created, sustained, realized or protected for their clients - working together to aid responsible recovery and growth.

Due diligence research is the set of investigations carried out on a company to find out its existence, value, reputation, internal structure, and any other key information that interests a potential buyer or investor. It is a very frequent service requested in mergers and acquisitions, purchase of shares, etc., where the main objective is to reduce the risk of the purchase or investment through a technical-legal investigation. A due diligence report allows corporate governance and decision-makers to identify and quantify risk factors. To get a complete picture of the benefits and risks associated with each deal, individual or company, Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland based in Zürich-City with private detectives and private investigators everywhere near you, can prepare a data-driven and in-depth assessment.

The principle of due diligence has evolved over a long period of time. Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland views due diligence as part of customary international law and applicable to cyberspace. The principles of due diligence are also applicable to cyberspace, and the part of their reports are Cyber Investigation Report and Darknet / DarkWeb Report.

During Covid-19 Crisis they have an increase in Loan and Surety Bonds Due Diligence - When dealing with your Swiss Loan Provider or Swiss Surety Bonds provider, mostly for international Loans and Loan Programmes, Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland can provide the data you require to be sure that your Swiss Loan Provider or Swiss Loan Guarantee provider are legal and if they could act as you are informed. Many customers lost up to USD 50000.- for forged Surety Bonds.

Global Online Fraud Investigations
Online Fraud is making a dishonest and false representation to make a gain, or cause a loss to another party. Online fraud occurs where the fraudster makes the false representation in some form on the internet. Some examples are as follows:

Online Investment Fraud - there are a lot of Wealth Management and Investments Scam Websites which are prommissing the high interest on your investment in Real Estate, StartUps, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain. Our Clients' loss was between CHF 100k and CHF 12M.

Online dating fraud – there are lots of organizations and individuals out there who create fake profiles on dating sites with the intention of persuading you to hand over your personal information and often your bank details. This is also known as Online Romance Fraud. Our Client's loss was between CHF 10k and CHF 2M.

Government agency scams – when fraudsters send out official-looking emails and letters, giving the impression that they are from a government department and have authority, and ask for money or personal information.

Work from home scams – lots of websites and web adverts ask if you are interested in making easy money from home. But many of the products and services you’re asked to try and sell are worthless.

Online shopping fraud – this happens when sellers misrepresent items online, or fail to deliver items after buyers have paid.

Internet dialer scams – this is when a person’s computer settings are changed and their internet connection is re-routed via an expensive phone line, and can happen when a person opens a spam email or clicks a pop-up box.

After the Cyber investigation is completed, the Legal Department of Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland will proceed with Money Recovery Process according to separate Money Recovery Agreement with or without Success Fee. Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland will find, characterize and fight cyber criminals for Customers.

Get in touch today for a friendly, discrete and confidential consultation with one of their Private Investigators, Private Detectives and Detective Agents. Their professional Private Investigators, Private Detectives and Detective Agents provide cost-efficient, affordable and accurate estimates without any hidden cost. All their Private Investigators, Private Detectives and Detective Agents are highly qualified and professionally trained for all situations, events and incidents and maintaining 98% success rate with Return on Investment up to 526%.

Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland Know-How, Experience and Liability: 220 years of know-how and 80 years of combined investigative & intelligence management experience. Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland based in Zürich-City with its private detectives and private investigators are globally operating, and they are authorized by the security department of state. They were on the cases worth more than USD 33 billion collectively. Furthermore, they are licensed, discreet, experienced and insured up to CHF 10 million per Case and Client (Corporate Liability Insurance).

It’s both a responsibility and a privilege to guide Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland clients through moments that matter deeply to them. Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland breadth of clients in an ever-changing market means Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland need to be agile - responding when they need to, in a way that really makes a difference. The insight they create, coupled with the innovative tools and methodologies they use to access and evaluate the data that matters, contributes to the success of our clients in all situations.

To make an Enquiry, please contact Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland via E-Mail or WhatsApp Business Number +41 44 586 60 33.

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