Prixa Bersama AdMedika (Prixa is with AdMedika) Strategic Collaboration Providing Access to the Digital Transformation of Healthcare in Indonesia

  • Prixa conducts strategic collaborations by providing cashless digital healthcare that includes teleconsultation and e-prescriptions to provide convenience to AdMedika users
  • Increasing trend of digital consumers is carrying hope to the growth of revenue in digital health industry
  • Strategic collaboration with AdMedika is a way to provide the best health services for the community & digital transformation. This collaboration is also in line with government programs to encourage economic growth through digital transformation

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In this digital era, people want something fast, practical, and efficient from every service, including health services. The Ministry of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia reported that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a positive impact on digital services in Indonesia. Several startups, including healthtech are experiencing significant growth on demand. A report by Google, Temasek and BAIN entitled eConomy SEA 2020 shows the value of the digital economy in Indonesia has grown 11 percent higher compared to 2019. In addition, by 2022, Frost & Sullivan Digital Market Overview Indonesia projects digital health revenue to reach US$ 726 million with a growth rate of 60% per year.

James Roring CEO & Co-founder Prixa
James Roring CEO & Co-founder Prixa

Although digital consumers are increasing in Indonesia, many segments of society have not been familiar with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology. This situation has encouraged Prixa, as a digital health platform, to have a strategic partnership aimed to build an integrated ecosystem with AdMedika.

"AdMedika continues to be committed in improving services for clients and customers as well as taking an active role to contribute in digital healthcare development in Indonesia. As a Total Health Solution company, through this strategic partnership, AdMedika, together with Prixa, provide solutions for clients who want to take advantage of white-label digital services, primarily in terms of providing telemedicine platform solutions that have the advantage of a ready-to-use feature, thus clients and customers can enjoy cashless telemedicine services," said Dwi Sulistiani, CEO of AdMedika.

This collaboration is expected to simplify business processes between the client and Prixa. Clients can easily enjoy advanced features such as symptom checkers, teleconsultation, and pharmacy delivery based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in one platform.

"We are here to make our customers' lives easier, so they can have access to basic health services with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Through Prixa's ecosystem, consumers can use teleconsultation, pharmacy delivery, order lab tests, get tertiary care referrals, and have access to our content. We will focus more on pharmacy delivery by empowering big data and digital solutions with the aim of creating more real-time data generation, building patient-oriented holistic solutions. We created this system with the objective to allow Indonesian people to comfortably experience this ongoing digital transformation. Through a strategic partnership with AdMedika, Prixa is now able to provide teleconsultation services through AdMedika channels, aimed to reach more people," said James Roring, CEO & Co Founder of Prixa.

With this strategic partnership, Prixa hopes to be the answer to the society's health journey while increasing the growth of Indonesia's digitalization. Prixa is committed to be a comprehensive digital care ecosystem by providing online primary healthcare services, such as teleconsultation, online scheduling, pharmacy delivery, on-demand lab tests, and health-related content.

About Prixa

Prixa was founded in 2019 to humanize the way health is managed. Prixa believes that data and technology will revolutionize the way people get access to health care. We believe that quality and affordable healthcare is key to ensuring a peaceful future.




About AdMedika

AdMedika is a Total Health Solution company that was founded in 2002 and officially joined the Telkom Group in February 2010 through PT Multimedia Nusantara (TelkomMetra). At the age of 19 years, AdMedika has been trusted to serve more than 5.1 million participants from 145 clients from the private insurance sector and the self-insured corporate sector as well as state-owned companies with more than 5,200 network providers spread throughout Indonesia, the country -neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, as well as around the world through international partnerships.




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