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Pro-Reform NYC Mayoral Candidate Calls for Mending ‘Defective’ School System

Social-justice activist Cleopatra Fitzgerald reiterates calls for radical reform of New York City’s educational system

Cleopatra Fitzgerald, a candidate in New York City’s looming mayoral race, decried what she described as a “defective school system” in a strongly-worded statement issued this week. “If our centers of learning are filled with ineptitude, this will propagate an inimical and incapable environment and society,” she asserted. “The lack of fair school policies jeopardizes the safety and health of all stakeholders.”

On Tuesday (Nov. 2), residents of the Big Apple will go to the polls to elect a new mayor to replace Bill de Blasio, who has served two terms as mayor since 2014. Fitzgerald, a 37-year-old resident of NYC’s Manhattan Borough, has thrown her hat into the ring on a platform of wide-ranging political, economic, social, and educational reform.

Calls to Fix NYC’s Sub-Standard School System
With the mayoral race less than a week away, Fitzgerald reiterated calls for the radical reform of New York City’s public school system, which she describes as “defective.” “Students can’t focus on learning when they’re tormented by ambiguous testing methods, teacher absenteeism, and outdated and overpriced textbooks,” she says. “Meanwhile, student debts continue to skyrocket due to high tuition costs and many teachers lack adequate training.”

Fitzgerald, who holds a political-science degree from City College of New York, went on to warn that New York City high school and university students risked facing a sub-standard educational experience “as long as curriculums, testing methods and staff-student relations are poor.”

Vows to Reduce Crime, Combat Graft
Fitzgerald is quick to point out that, for many New Yorkers, a good education remains the only means of escaping poverty and achieving self-sufficiency. “But unfortunately, many students are deterred by the frequent cases of abuse – including discrimination, assault and even rape – at our schools and universities,” she says, emphasizing the need for stepped-up security on school campuses.

The mayoral candidate also supports increased relief funds for fighting Covid-19, which, she says, has disproportionately affected students from low-income families. “We have to appoint teams to oversee and investigate where public funds are going and how students are being treated,” she says.

In addition to working for educational reform, Fitzgerald says that, if elected, she will also support initiatives aimed at reducing crime, providing city residents with affordable housing, and combatting administrative corruption and mismanagement.

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