ProChain was invited to attend the Chainers 2018 International Summit to discuss the feasibility of decentralized media and advertising pattern

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - Media OutReach - 16 July 2018 - On July 1st 2018,Chainers 2018 was held in Seoul, South Korea. In the meeting, the originator of ProChain, David White made a keynote address on how to reconstruct digital advertising ecology, which was based around the central topic "The Past, Present and Future of Blockchain", as an invited guest.

During the event, David White analyzed the current situation of the digital advertising industry. There are many prominent problems confronted by the advertising industry, such as Data Island, numerous intermediaries, flow fraud, and settlement delay. In view of the prevalent problems, Bai expressed that blockchain technology can be used to put the data and transactions of each link on the chain so as to realize advertisement introduction through the decentralized business logic.

David White added that now is the best time to launch blockchain advertising. It is expected that the commercial blockchain technology will mature in the next two years.The storage solution based on IPFS protocol will provide higher carrying capacity, and the blockchain industry is expected to go through a period of rapid development. As the most classical business model, advertising can provide direct revenue to the media on the chain with the help of advanced blockchain technology.

About ProChain's advertising solution, it is divided into four parts for implementation. The first part is an advertising distribution platform based on ETH and EOS. ProChain is the first platform to provide blockchain digital advertising on EOS. The second is the delivery platform, where the advertiser DSP accurately delivers the tools, sets the target population, recharges the PRA, and creates a promotion contract. The third is identity authentication, which binds the advertising user's Ethernet address and personal metadata by rewarding the PRA. The fourth is the distribution platform, which provides the SDK for the internet medias. After the user clicks on the advertisement, they and SSP jointly obtain the PRA revenue.

The rapid development of the blockchain technology has initiated a new revolution of the internet. As a pioneer in blockchain technology development, As a pioneer, the ProChain team closely integrates blockchain technology with business scenarios and lays out the 100 billion-level digital advertising market ahead of schedule.PRA official website :   White paper link :   telegram :