Prodigy Pentagon Invents A Revolutionary Training That Helps Children Attain Laser Like Focus – Even With Distractions Around

"Jaryn Ng, the mother of 8-year-old Dalton, shares the advancement of her son's learning and focus after Prodigy Pentagon training."

It is no surprise; the pandemic has stunned the world in the past two years. Many sectors have received a severe blow, especially the education sector. The 'new normal' of online learning has been affecting the focusing capacity of students, especially kids.

Prodigy Pentagon, a NeuroEducation program that helps children belonging to the primary school focus well, has been creating wonders with its innovative lessons and training methods. Their brain-training practices have been crafted meticulously to efficiently develop focus, attention, memory, creativity, IQ, and EQ in children. The training classes help increase concentration and regulate the amount of cortisol in the children's bodies, ameliorating their immunity. Their weekly classes are offered via Zoom and are taught in a stress-free and highly beneficial way to the children.

Dalton was an 8-year-old student who had enrolled in this training a few months back. His mother had found it hard to make him listen during online classes as little Dalton was a playful kid. Taking a leap of faith, she approached Prodigy Pentagon training to help develop Dalton's focusing capacity. After a few weeks of training, the improvement was apparent to Jaryn Ng. She explains the way Dalton seemed to focus better without losing concentration after PP training.

"Instructors are really nice. They are like counselors; they talk to him, they update me and always give me good tips on how to spark interest in him to learn the school subjects that he doesn't like"- Jaryn Ng.

She also notes that Dalton actually listens and doesn't talk back much after attending this training program; he has developed a sense of attentiveness. She appreciates the high-quality training given by the team of PP, which has reduced the temper tantrums, increased focus, and made Dalton much more independent than before. According to the happy mother, the way the instructors taught the classes had really motivated the kid to study harder with more focus.

PP training aims to expand its services across Asia, helping the kids focus as much as they can, giving a sense of peace to the parents.

Prodigy Pentagon is a leader in the area of NeuroEducation for Primary school-aged children. NeuroEducation is the bridge that applies neuroscience methodologies to optimise how we learn. By understanding how the brain works, we have created specific brain-training modules that help boost kids’ brain functions in the area of focus, attention, memory, creativity, IQ and EQ.

NeuroEducation is what we do to help you raise happier, healthier, brighter and more well-behaved children.

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