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Professional Consultancy Services for Singapore PR Application launched By Epica Immigration

Professional Consultancy Services for Singapore PR Application launched By Epica Immigration

SINGAPORE, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Epica Immigration, an Immigration Consulting division of Epica Singapore, announced today the launch of its professional consultancy services for PR Application.

Close to 600,000 people reside in Singapore on Employment pass, S Pass or on dependant passes. Most of these people are keen to obtain Singapore Permanent Residency status, commonly known as Singapore PR.

Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore approves approximately 30,000 PR applications every year, whereas it is estimated that more than 100,000 people apply. As a result, there is significant competition for obtaining the Singapore PR. More and more people are applying Singapore PR, but the slots are limited. With COVID-19 restrictions, the number of applicants is expected to grow even further.

Residing as a foreigner working in Singapore has its disadvantages. If the job is lost, then the person needs to go back to home country in 30 days. People can not buy property easily. In most of cases, their kids need to go to costly international schools.

Immigration and Checkpoint Authority, which grants Singapore PR to applicants, introduced a completely new e-PR system few years back. As a result all applications are done online. Many people find this process overwhelming and complicated.

Unlike Australia or Canada, criteria of Singapore's PR approval is not disclosed by the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority. Applicants therefore are always confused as to how to present the strength of their profile and improve chances of getting PR in Singapore.

Using a consultant for PR application was not a norm, say ten years back. However, now there are many applicants, and the places are limited. Because of the extreme competition, many applicants prefer to use a professional consultancy for filing their PR application.

With more and more people getting interested in Singapore PR, the competition for obtaining Singapore PR is expected to remain high.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Vaibhav Joshi, founder of Epica mentioned, "Assisting client in PR application filing is a holistic process. We start by reviewing their profile thoroughly and identify any points to improve the score. For every PR application filed by us, there is a strict quality check. All documents are checked multiple times and only highly qualified people are handling your case."

Epica Immigration has Significant Experience in immigration, PR application, and Citizenship application fields. Its founder has previously worked in business registration and immigration field for many years. He has successfully handled many immigration cases. 

About Epica Group: Epica Singapore has three divisions, Epica Immigration focuses on helping foreigners working in Singapore to file their PR application. Epica Consulting Specialises in business and company registration in Singapore. And Singapore Compliance help fintech companies to obtain necessary licenses from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


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