Prominent Hong Kong Chefs Praise the Excellence and Safety of Hanwoo

  • Visiting South Korea for five days, touring Hanwoo production and consumption
  • Showed high reliability as they confirmed strict product management system such as Korean Beef Traceability System
  • Scheduled to Present "Eco-friendly food" -- Hanwoo to Hong Kong people

SEOUL, South Korea, June 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The excellence and safety of Hanwoo was recognized by distinguished Hong Kong chefs.

Hanwoo Board announced on May 25 that famous Hong Kong chefs had visited South Korea and toured Hanwoo farm, slaughterhouse and processing factory as well as grading institution (Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation) and they reviewed the quality management of Hanwoo which was commented to be methodical and sanitary.

Hong Kong chefs visiting the Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation
Hong Kong chefs visiting the Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation

The Board invited nine chefs and buyers from luxurious hotels in Hong Kong, including The Excelsior and Sheraton Hotel, to see and participate in Hanwoo-related programs for five days from May 21 to May 25. The chefs observed  the whole process from Hanwoo production to consumption. On the last day they attended Hanwoo cooking class held in Korean Food Cultural Center and cooked using top-quality Hanwoo sirloin.

Korean Beef Traceability System gained wide attentions from the guests. Korean Beef Traceability System is an institution to grant an identification number to each Hanwoo, which is treated as a resident identification number. It records the entire process of each Hanwoo from birth and slaughter to process and sale. If problems associated with hygiene or safety occur, the data and history can be tracked rapidly using the identification number. In particular, identity tests are conducted to compare whether each Hanwoo DNA sample obtained in the phase of slaughtering is identical to that in stores. Thus, the reliability of Hanwoo is comparatively higher than those of U.S. and Australian beefs.

The chefs expressed that after spectating Korean Beef Traceability system and highly systematic Hanwoo management system, their trust towards Hanwoo was strengthened once again.

Chef. Oscar Chow at Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel's Oyster & Wine Bar said, "We will actively promote the eco-friendly, hygienic and safe Hanwoo managing system to Hong Kong people who are interested in organic food," he also added, " this event serves as a chance for me to reappraise the safety and reliability of Hanwoo and we will serve more Hanwoo delicacy to our customers ."

The Board stated that Hanwoo was first exported to Hong Kong in 2015 and it is the hub for expanding exports to China as well as Southeast regions. Therefore, the Board will launch various promotional events actively for Hong Kongese to taste Hanwoo more oftenly.

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