Promoting the Development of Local Brands in Yiwu, Yiwugo "Top Ten Vendors Competition" Kicks Off

YIWU, China, May 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The China Brand Day 2019 took place in Shanghai from May 10 to 12. The event featured the International Forum on China Brand Development, the experience zone for proprietary-brand consumer goods, as well as characteristic activities held by local organizers. As one of the characteristic activities at China Brand Day 2019, the Yiwugo "Top Ten Vendors Competition" officially kicked off on May 10. The competition, which is an annual event for key brands in the Yiwu market, has been successfully held for the 7th consecutive year. It has played an effective role in mobilizing vendors' awareness of promoting their own brands and boosted the development of the proprietary brands in the Yiwu market.

Yiwu is the largest commodities wholesale market in the world and one of largest commodity export bases in China. The theme of the China Brand Day 2019 was "China Brand, World Sharing; Accelerate Brand Building, Lead High Quality Development; Focus on Boutique Domestics, Feel the Brand Charm". The goal of China Brand Day 2019 was exactly the pursuit of vendors in Yiwu market. The idea was to, through brand development, lead high-quality development by high standards and continuously promote manufacturing transformation and upgrading in Yiwu. In 2018, the number of valid registered trademarks in Yiwu increased by 37,525 or nearly 200% YOY, to 145,750. This also shows the enthusiasm of the vendors in Yiwu market for brand building.

Ye Shejun, owner of Lanxi Golden Leaves Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. and award winner at the "Top Ten Vendors Competition" last year, has benefited greatly from brand building. Ye's family has been making insoles for several generations. Since he was young, the toil of manual workshops and income inequality have left a deep impression on him. After Ye took over the family business, he was determined to change the small workshop business. Over the years, he has continuously upgraded the products and developed more than 1,000 insole categories. All insole bases are made of environment-friendly materials, and outstanding designers are engaged to control the appearance design of the products. Besides, the company has also taken the lead in promoting universal tailorable insoles in the domestic and international markets, and has applied for the "GOLDEN  LEAVES" trademark. As the company continuously improves its product quality and promotes its proprietary brand, "GOLDEN  LEAVES" has gained great favor with customers and consumers in many countries such as Spain, Italy and Canada.

In the Yiwu market, there are many more small- and medium-sized enterprises with proprietary brands like Lanxi Golden Leaves Daily Necessities Co., Ltd, which are focusing on a particular category of small commodities and pursuing impeccable product quality. As each enterprise in Yiwu is dedicated to a subdivided product category, it is not easy for them to capture attention if they engage in brand promotion all alone. The Yiwugo "Top Ten Vendors Competition" has served as a big platform on which the enterprises operating different categories of small commodities may display their products together. As such, they can benefit from the "aggregation effect", thereby attracting more attention and achieving good promotional effect. In addition, according to the 16 categories in the Specific Commodity Classification and Codes, the participating enterprises were divided into different categories by industry. The top ones in each category had the opportunity to gain exposure, and this in return would continuously promote the development of proprietary brands under each sub-category in the Yiwu market.

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