Prosten Health Holdings Limited officially renamed as "China Brilliant Global Limited"

HONG KONG, June 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Prosten Health Holdings Limited ("the Company"; Stock code: 08026) is pleased to announce the Company has officially renamed as "China Brilliant Global Limited" (referred to as "China Brilliant") with effect from 20 June 2018.

China Brilliant has been striving for diversified development. Looking ahead, the Company will further expand the business of wholesale and retail of jewelry and luxury products by increasing the coverages and points of sales; will develop new products and services in order to enhance its pharmaceutical business as well as explore new technology or model to develop the money lending business.

Mr. Zhang Chun-hua, Chairmen of China Brilliant, said: "In order to enhance the potential growth of China Brilliant, the Company has formulated long-term strategy to explore other business or investment opportunities for the existing business so as to expand its business segments. Change of company name bears a symbolic meaning in our overall strategic development. It not only facilitates the implementation of the Company's future plans and development, but also establishes a new corporate image and reflects our strategic positioning clearly and precisely in the market."

About China Brilliant Global Limited:

China Brilliant Global Limited is principally engaged in trading and retailing of jewelry and luxury products, money lending and trading and distributing pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

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