ProximaX to Power RocketShoes' Advanced Education Platform

Proximax provides an all-in-one platform for broad cross-industry applications

GIBRALTAR and MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ProximaX (, a blockchain and distributed ledger technology extension with utility-rich services and protocols, today announced that RocketShoes will be using ProximaX to power its advanced education platform. This collaboration confirms the relevance of ProximaX's blockchain technology serving industries beyond fintech.

The RocketShoes app allows students to produce and keep track of their learning materials, including assignments, notes and digital assets, which radically improves management of large amounts of content. RocketShoes' API works with existing tools, making Learning Management Systems (LMS) in schools, higher learning institutions, and corporate learning more permeable, secure, scalable, and extensible.

"We're working with leading educational institutions to build a next-generation platform that will enable an entirely new set of affordances, focusing on a highly learner-centric approach," said Matt Riddle, CEO and Founder of RocketShoes. "New decentralized platforms such as ProximaX and RocketShoes are going to completely change the eLearning landscape, and we're going to be at the forefront of that change."

"The inclusion of ProximaX into the RocketShoes education platform is a further demonstration of how our technology can be used to drive applications across industries. Really, the ProximaX solution is so flexible and extensive that it's limited only by the creativity of a solutions architect," said Lon Wong, CEO and Founder of ProximaX.

Users not only receive a new level of security expected of blockchain with ProximaX, but its decentralized network provides 100% uptime vis-à-vis traditional third-party storage. ProximaX allows closest available peers in the network to access replicated shared data. Its deduplication feature also ensures that files are not duplicated in the network. 

Another advantage is its high performance, with Proximax's network scalability outperforming that of a centralized network. This technology features Content Addressable Storage (CAS), a mechanism that uses a file hash, or digital thumbprint, to store and retrieve information. This unique and immutable hash is determined by the file's content, and cannot be removed.

Next is the Access Content Offline (caching) a mechanism residing in the user's device that allows offline access. Lastly, this technology includes a built-in Web Service HTTP API in the P2P storage nodes, thus allowing developers to easily integrate their decentralized applications with ProximaX system.

"Together, both ProximaX and RocketShoes believe that our technologies are user-friendly, easily accessible, and flexible, thus addressing the needs of content management for learning institutions," added Lon.

About RocketShoes, Pty Ltd.

RocketShoes is launching an educational revolution using decentralised technologies. RocketShoes is a digital asset platform for education designed for a learner-centric approach and providing powerful tools to manage content in a decentralised way. Learners are able to produce and track their own learning materials, including assignments, notes, and digital assets. Organisations can manage large amounts of content in a way that was not previously possible, using a decentralised storage layer with deep integration with the Blockchain, and affording radically new functionality.

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About ProximaX, Ltd.

ProximaX is an advanced extension of Blockchain and DLT with utility-rich, industry-standard services and protocols. With blockchain at its core, a decentralised storage layer, and a multimedia streaming and messaging layer, ProximaX enables an all-in-one, easy to program platform for cross-industry, decentralized app development. Some use cases include, but are not limited to, supply chain management, KYC, legal, compliance and notary solutions, identity privacy and security management, IoT data management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), traceability, documentation and reporting systems, and workforce collaboration.

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