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Pudu Robotics Wins Featured Finalist at IDEA Award 2023

Pudu Robotics Wins Featured Finalist at IDEA Award 2023

CHICAGO, Aug. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Pudu Robotics, the world's leading commercial service robot manufacturer, is delighted to announce that its universal delivery robot "PuduBot 2" has been honored as an IDEA Featured Finalist in the prestigious Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). The award, judged by a panel of international experts, recognizes design, engineering, and innovation in industrial design strategy. 

The IDEA Design Award is one of the most prestigious and rigorous annual design competitions in the world with tens of thousands of participants being narrowed down to a global award-winning rate of less than 10%. In its 43rd year, it has become an internationally recognized top-tier award in the field of global industrial design. Winners are selected from record-high nominations, and were judged on the design innovation and aesthetics as well as benefit to user, client/brand and society.

Pudu Robotics has achieved significant accomplishments in the fields of industrial design both domestically and abroad. At present, the company has also achieved wins  of the world's top industrial design awards, including the German Red Dot Award, the German iF Design Award and the Japanese G-Mark Award. Pudu Robotics has also received the authoritative Chinese patent award, the "Chinese Exterior Design Silver Award."

About PuduBot 2

As a function-oriented robot, the design concept of PuduBot 2 is centered around improving service efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing user experience. Building upon the characteristics and form of its predecessor, PuduBot 2 features an open framework and a modular design compatible with various component modules. This enables the robot to adapt to customer needs across a variety of industries, such as, restaurants, supermarkets, factories, etc. At the same time, the all-weather working mode and the all-view sensor layout ensure the long-term stable operation of the robot, providing users with safer and more reliable services.

The design innovation of PuduBot 2 is not only reflected in its appearance but also in its interaction with users. The clear design of the turning lights on the robot's head help users  intuitively understand the robot's driving status and movement intentions. The expressions and voice give the robot personality, providing users with a more engaging and friendly interactive experience.

The  continuous rise in labor costs and the increasing pressure of labor shortages can be aided through the integration of robots. Their deployment to perform tasks that are labor-intensive, monotonous, repetitive and hazardous can ease understaffing and is seen as a popular solution. PuduBot 2 specifically addresses these issues as it adopts the innovative PUDU VSLAM+ technology, which is pure visual simultaneous localization and mapping technology for robots. It boasts advantages such as maker-less deployment and no need to modify ceilings, reducing deployment time by 75%. It can operate stably in environments with high ceilings of up to 30 meters or in semi-outdoor environments. With the assistance of PuduBot 2, users can effectively save operational costs, optimize personnel allocation, enhance customer satisfaction, and thus establish brand differentiation.

With outstanding design capabilities, Pudu Robotics has repeatedly impressed the international stage. These honors not only represent high recognition for PUDU's design team, but also highlight PUDU's profound technological foundation as a global leader in commercial service robots. In the future, PUDU will continue to dedicate itself to bringing better services and value to users and brands, driving the widespread application of robotic technology in social production, and contributing to greater progress and development in human society.

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About Pudu Robotics

Pudu Robotics is a global leader in design, R&D, production, and sales of commercial service robots with more than 60,000+ units shipped in over 60 countries worldwide. The company's robots are currently in use across a wide variety of industries including restaurants, retail, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, and manufacturing. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, its mission is to use robots to improve the efficiency of human production and living.

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