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Pure Journi Releases New Line of Fine Quality Citrine Gemstones

Pure Journi acquired small lots of stones in multiple sizes, shapes, and showpieces used in homes and offices. The Citrine stone is not only beautiful but close to the hardness of a diamond.

Citrine is a hard yellow crystal resembling a yellow diamond. It is a beautiful stone to own or wear on the body. These stones look amazing in a ring setting, pendant, or earrings. The benefit of Citrine is that it is less expensive than a diamond, but looks very similar and still retains value over time.

Citrine rates seven on the Mohs hardness scale. This puts it three ratings down from a diamond. The quality and the look of a faceted and polished stone are striking. The stone's quality is similar to any precious stone and can be shaped and worn like a diamond. From the naked view of the eye, a Citrine gemstone looks like a yellow diamond.

In February of 2022, Pure Journi invested in and acquired small lots of stones in multiple sizes, shapes, and showpieces used in homes and offices.

Madagascar and Brazilian Citrine
Pure Journi acquires Citrine from two areas of the world. The only difference in the stone is the clarity.

According to Art Saborio, CEO of Pure Journi, "There are two kinds of Citrine. The first kind of Citrine is a gemstone that is clear and looks very similar to a Yellow diamond. Then there is the other that is a little cloudy but still very beautiful.

Citrine from Madagascar is clear. It is diamond-like in its appearance, and the cloudier gemstone comes from Brazilian mines.

The more clear the stone, the more expensive it is. Although the cost is a consideration for most buyers, the cut and clarity that is the result of the Madagascar stones are well worth the gemstone's additional cost. There is nothing like it!

My company Pure Journi is active in the gemstone community and deals with Citrine gemstones. We often find some of the best stones locally from vendors who travel the world, bringing good quality stones back to the United States. Supporting our local vendors, manufacturers, and artisans is part of our mission."

Pure Journi is a crystal and stone shop offering tarot cards, crystals, and semi-precious stones. They are located in Chula Vista, California, and have been in business since 2015. They carry a wide range of Citrine, Obsidian, Tourmaline, and other semi-precious gemstones.

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Name: Art Saborio
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Organization: Pure Journi
Address: 1741 Eastlake Pkwy Ste 102 PMB 1005 Chula Vista CA 91915
Phone: (619) 393-6457

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