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Puzzles & Chaos, a brand new fantasy mobile strategy game has been officially launched: Awaken the dragon and save the frozen world

Puzzles & Chaos, a brand new fantasy mobile strategy game has been officially launched: Awaken the dragon and save the frozen world

WASHINGTON, Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Puzzles & Chaos, a fantasy match-3 strategy mobile game published by 37GAMES, was officially launched on September 6th on both the iOS App Store and Google Play. The game offers players unique match-3 strategy puzzles set in a magical world, where players will embark on an adventure through a frozen landscape to awaken mighty dragons and save their homeland.

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Rally the forces and defeat evil creatures!

In Puzzles & Chaos, players can recruit heroes from various races, train a diverse variety of units, and build their own magical armies. They can then unleash powerful tactical abilities and deploy their troops to push back evil creatures as they expand their territories, vanquishing anyone who stands in their way.

Diverse and immersive battle experiences!

There are countless ways to play Puzzles & Chaos, and the game offers something for everyone, ranging from Dungeon/Level Encounters, Competitive/Cooperative Multiplayer, or Alliance Wars, to just quietly and peacefully farming resources.

The game's numerous match-3 levels feature smooth visuals and high-quality sound effects as players take part in battles on a 3D board. Coupled with the impressive and powerful ultimate skills of participating heroes, players will be treated to a unique match-3 gameplay experience. Additionally, players will face complex tactical challenges during the course of their journey — hero lineups and attack strategy will matter a lot when trying to beat more difficult levels.

Moreover, players who enjoy social interactions will also enjoy Puzzles & Chaos. The game's alliance feature allows players from around the world to team up, unite against world monsters, and enjoy the thrill of fighting alongside one another while sharing abundant upgrade resources.

From a frozen castle, into the ultimate immersive gameplay experience.

Puzzles & Chaos has meticulously crafted a world covered in ice and snow, with stunning visual effects that truly immerse players in the game. Upon entering the game, every player's first and most urgent task is to break the frost seal. After resolving that crisis, they will have the freedom to construct and shape their own unique and personalized cities.

Fight alongside the dragon!

Mighty dragons are key to power on this frozen continent. A primary task for players is to awaken a powerful dragon frozen in the ice. After rescuing their dragon, players can experience the thrill of conquering the world alongside such a colossal and powerful creature. Feeding, training, and daily interactions will enhance the dragon's combat prowess, making it a formidable asset in battle.

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