Quality and value online, yoboo helps mothers and babies to live a quality life

MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Previously, the design of yoboo's multipurpose high chair was awarded the "Industrial Design" by the China National Intellectual Property Administration. In December 2021, it was officially launched on the Philippine Cross-border e-commerce platforms, attracting the attention of many families for its quality and appearance.

The R&D of yoboo multipurpose high chair takes user needs as the core concept and "safe, reliable, comfortable and useful" as the design direction. Choosing the right baby dining chair will help your baby develop good eating habits and free up mother's hands. yoboo's excellent design and high-quality materials help families improve the quality of parenting.

yoboo’s multipurpose high chair
yoboo’s multipurpose high chair

Excellent design for convenience and efficiency

yoboo's exquisite craftsmanship has resulted in exceptional design details, with almost components being both practical and aesthetically pleasing. yoboo understands the need for a multipurpose chair in the new family living model. The plate is designed as a removable double layer, so that the top layer can be used for eating and the bottom layer for playing. The curved angle avoids the risk of bumps on the corners of the table. The plate is adjustable in three horizontal positions to accompany your baby through more stages of development. By comparing various proofings, yoboo has achieved a safe, robust and flexible removable leg, allowing the table to be changed between two heights and to be transferred at any time. The storage bag at the bottom can be used to store baby items, helping mothers to achieve storage freedom. The multipurpose high chair is designed to meet the expectations of more and more families as it becomes increasingly useful for feeding babies.

Superior quality for greater peace of mind and reliability

The effect of the design is inseparable from the quality of the materials.High-quality materials meets practical design to make better effects.yoboo has chosen the five-hole fixed snap-on protective belt which is strong and comfortable.From the common materials available on the market such as rubber, PC and PES, yoboo selects PU fabric, which is nontoxic to babies, for the seat cushion and BPA-free food-grade PP (polypropylene) plastic material for the plastic parts of the chair.The chairs are soft, comfortable, waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean. Legs have got 30mm pipe diameter with 1mm thickness, more stable and durable. The surface is completely covered with baking varnish to prevent rusting.

yoboo takes professionalism and warmth as the essence of demand, and takes love as the driving force.Although the environment and culture vary from region to region, we always adhere to Yoboo's control quality standards to develop the same high-quality products on a global scale.We believe that more maternal and child products with different highlights will be added in the future to meet the increasingly diversified needs of families while guarding their childcare journey.