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Quipper and Samsung Collaboration Supports Government to Improve Education Technology

Quipper and Samsung Collaboration Supports Government to Improve Education Technology

Objectively, this collaboration is aimed at preparing bright young generation to deal with the demographic bonus in 2020 - 2035.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the latest research by Indonesia's Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Indonesia will encounter a demographic bonus in 2020 - 2035. This means there is a high tendency to boost the economic sector due to the explosion of working age population (15 - 64 years old). They also predict that Indonesia's population will reach 271 million and approximately 64% of the population are of working age. The effect could go awry if the government cannot fulfill essential public facilities such as education. Thus, improving education quality should be the main priority to prepare such bright young generation.

Tri Nuraini (Quipper), Roy Nugroho (Samsung), Hendriawan Widiatmoko (Ministry of Education)
Tri Nuraini (Quipper), Roy Nugroho (Samsung), Hendriawan Widiatmoko (Ministry of Education)

Another research by Indonesia's Association of Internet Service Provider (APJII) in 2017 stated that 16.68% of 147 million internet user in Indonesia are aged 14 - 18 years old. Therefore, incorporation of technology in learning activities becomes paramount in producing highly talented young generation for the next 10 - 15 years. Realizing the urgency to accelerate such incorporation, Quipper provides learning services with high-quality content through technology.

It is a rather impossible feat to be done by the government on their own, stakeholders support is substantial. That is why Quipper and Samsung are collaborating to improve the quality of human resources through high-quality education by utilizing technology. This collaboration enables buyers or users of Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen series to access Quipper Video for 1 year freely. It is expected that students learn better and more effectively through Quipper Video's high-quality contents on their Samsung Galaxy Tab A devices.

Head of PR & Marketing of Quipper Indonesia, Tri Nuraini said, "collaboration with electronics or hardware company such as Samsung is really useful. This way, our high-quality contents can be more accessible to students in Junior and Senior High School. It can help them to prepare for any kind of exams, from school examination, national examination and public university admission test (SBMPTN). Based on our survey, more than 50% of our users are enrolled in public universities, hopefully they can be the future generation that we wish to contribute to the nation."

IT & Electronic B2B Group Head of Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Roy Nugroho added, "Digital native generation are those aged 13 - 18 who utilize gadgets in their daily activities. Departing from this identified habit, Samsung presents Quipper Video in every Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen series. This initiative is one of the realizations of our visions in Indonesia to allow people to do more with technological innovations. Hopefully this collaboration will enable students to learn better and to experience a fun way of learning."

This collaboration also received a positive response from the Ministry of Education and Culture. Attending media briefing held by Quipper and Samsung, Mr. Hendriawan Widiatmoko, M.TI the Head of Application, Multimedia, and Web Controler of Ministry of Education and Culture said, "I quoted the message from the minister: 'We should not put all the burden to produce highly talented next generation to teachers, because it is everyone's responsibility.' This kind of socialization is expected to be done regularly. Thus, they will gradually understand that gadgets can be utilized not only for social media and games, but also for enhancing their learning experience. We wish to have a future young generation with high competence and who can contribute positive impact to the nation."

As an education technology company, Quipper is always committed to bringing the best education throughout Indonesia. This collaboration is expected to empower education ecosystem in Indonesia to produce highly talented young generation.

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Quipper is an education technology company that strives to bring the best education to every corner of the world. We believe every child deserves an opportunity to learn - an opportunity to create the future they aspire to. At Quipper, we harness technology to achieve just this.

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