Quzhou to hold 2018 First Quzhou International Ancient City Folk Music Festival and a contest to interpret Quzhou through song

HANGZHOU, China, Sept. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2018 First Quzhou International Ancient City Folk Music Festival will take place in the ancient city on September 29th. The music festival is sponsored by the Quzhou Tourism Commission and co-organized by Hangzhou Tianmai. The soft folk tunes blend perfectly with the unique customs of Quzhou and conjure up images of the slow life in these fast times. To kickoff the 2018 First Quzhou International Ancient City Folk Music Festival and allow more people to participate in this music event, the ancient city of Quzhou is opening up a special contest to the world.

Quzhou is known for its timeless humanities and sublime landscapes. It has been extolled in countless lines of prose and traced out in a myriad of pictures, but, if given the chance, what type of melody would be used to express Quzhou?

Contest Content: Original folk song about the unique and beautiful scenery of Quzhou

Submission RequirementsThe lyrics and songs submitted for this contest must be original works. The works shall not contain any content that violates the "Constitution of the People's Republic of China" or any other relevant countries (regions) laws and regulations. The works and all relevant content shall not violate any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, proprietary or other rights of any third party in any way.

Contest PeriodNow until September 20th.

Contest Scope:Teams and individuals from anywhere in the world and anyone who is familiar with creating folk music.

PrizesThe excellent works that are selected in the contest will have the opportunity to be filmed as part of a Quzhou traveling MV to make a nationwide promotion package. The creators will be invited to the 2018 First Quzhou International Ancient City Folk Music Festivaland their work will have the opportunity to be performed by folk singers at the event.

Submit Entries to qzmusic930@163.com

Sing about the splendor of the city through songDepicting the landscape and humanities of Quzhou with musical notes, the ancient city is an ever-changing melody.

The vigorous agitation belongs to Jianglang Mountain's world natural heritage. Mount Danxia's three-stone tower at an altitude of 500 meters above the mountain peak and is the tallest and most majestic upright red layer mountain and the deepest valley with its striking shape, called "National Danxia First Mountain."

Dignified and deep belongs to the 28 ancient towns. The first town from Zhejiang in Min, known as "Fengxi Suoyao", has quietly stood for more than 1000 years. It still retains a great deal of inherited folk art and is a living monument to explore the culture of Zhejiang and Min.

Literary elegance belongs to the Confucius Nanzong Temple. It is one of only two Confucius temples in the country, and Quzhou Confucius Nanzong Temple is known as "Rational Nankong". "Southeast Land", travels through more than 800 years and brings people back to the profound connotations of Confucianism.

Unrestrained like Longmen Canyon, gently sing of this land of idyllic beauty that is full of simplicity and calm. At the 2018 First Quzhou International Ancient City Folk Music Festival, Quzhou's unique landscapes will be expressed in the form of folk songs to show the city's temperament and style. Now, this quill is passed to the hands of the world; all wait to see how the ancient city of Quzhou will be interpreted.

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