Railway Campaign for Foreign Tourists to Japan Features Comic Character "Kanahei's Small animals -- a relaxed Travel to Kawagoe by taking a ride on SEIBU Railway"

- Have SEIBU KAWAGOE PASS and Go to Kawagoe with Piske & Usagi; Show Your PASS and Get Limited-edition Goods For Free

TOKOROZAWA, Japan, Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Seibu Railway Co., Ltd. -- which links the Tokyo hubs of Ikebukuro and Shinjuku with well-established destinations, Chichibu and Kawagoe, in Saitama Prefecture -- has been driving a campaign utilizing comic characters "Kanahei's Small animals," which are hugely popular in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. These characters are drawn by a Japanese illustrator and manga artist who goes by her one-name pseudonym Kanahei.

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"SEIBU KAWAGOE PASS" train tickets, can be each redeemed for a gift, one of limited-edition "Seibu Railway x Kanahei's Small animals original designed drink bags,"  if they are shown at the designated places for the swap (Hon-Kawagoe Station Tourist Information Center/Seibu Tourist Information Center Ikebukuro) during the campaign period through October 31, 2019 (*The campaign is available until the goods run out).

To commemorate the collaboration between Kanahei and Seibu Railway, the company is also running an ad-wrapped train, christened "Kanahei's Small animals -- a relaxed Travel to Kawagoe by taking a ride on SEIBU Railway," during a limited period until December 2019 on its Shinjuku Line, which links Shinjuku with Kawagoe.

Additionally, travelers can see an original animation video featuring two animals traveling on a train from Ikebukuro to Hon-Kawagoe, the last stop on the Seibu Shinjuku Line and the nearest station to the old castle town of Kawagoe. In the video, the animals change trains at Tokorozawa Station and enjoy sightseeing in Kawagoe.

The video is available via digital signage, both on board trains and at stations on Seibu Railway lines, on the SEIBU RAILWAY Official Channel on YouTube (Japanese only) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI51nhuV2Dbxuud6lVBrVLg

Special website (Traditional Chinese):

If you travel from Tokyo to see iconic sights in Kawagoe such as the "Toki no Kane (the Bell of Time)" tower and the "Kura no machi" district of earthen-walled warehouses, it is convenient to use Seibu Railway's Hon-Kawagoe Station. Come and ride Seibu Railway trains to Kawagoe by all means.

For details of the campaign, "Kanahei's Small animals -- a relaxed Travel to Kawagoe by taking a ride on SEIBU Railway," visit: https://www.seiburailway.jp/railways/tourist/chinese/pdf/20181001kanaheiCP_tw.pdf

(in traditional Chinese characters only)

For details of the ad-wrapped train christened "Kanahei's Small animals -- a relaxed Travel to Kawagoe by taking a ride on SEIBU Railway," visit: https://www.seiburailway.jp/railways/tourist/chinese/pdf/20181128kanahei_LimitedExpress_tw.pdf

(in traditional Chinese characters only)

About Kawagoe:
Kawagoe city, located in Saitama Prefecture, it is one of the nearest tourist destinations from the center of Tokyo. Kawagoe is called Koedo, or Little Edo, as it has been developed over some 400 years by borrowing culture from Edo, or present-day Tokyo. It is one of Japan's premier sightseeing spots where traditional buildings in the "Kurazukuri" (earthen-walled warehouse) style shape a townscape that preserves the atmosphere of old Japan. To visit the "Kura no machi"(Street Lined with Kurazukuri Warehouses), "Toki no Kane (the Bell of Time)," Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine and other places, it is convenient to use Hon-Kawagoe Station on the Seibu Railway Shinjuku Line.

About Kanahei (illustrator and manga artist)
For Kanahei's profile, visit: http://www.sanbytecreative.com/front/bin/ptdetail.phtml?Part=AD000012&Category=110912 (Traditional Chinese)

http://www.sanbytecreative.com/front/bin/ptdetail.phtml?Part=EN00010&Category=115010 (English)

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