Re-structuring your company for successful online marketing

Re-structuring your company for successful online marketing

It is safe to say that in this age of social media titans and bleeding-edge technological advancement, digital marketing is quite possibly the one marketing effort that is worth its weight in money.

In tandem with this advent of online marketing, an increasing number of both big and small Singaporean companies have jumped onto the digital bandwagon for a profitable joy-ride.

Sadly, most of them have not done too well with digital marketing because of a tendency to blunder into it without ensuring that they can cope with its unique qualities.

Successfully harnessing the internet requires companies to restructure certain operations.

Failing to do so will result in a corporate conflagration that may create long-lasting damage to your brand and more importantly, to your profit margin.

That said, the headache now is that if you want to "go digital", what do you need to optimize and how do you do it?

Here are three of the most essential ways:

Allocate and Conquer

Like all marketing strategies, marketing successfully in the digital sphere means reserving the right amount of resources necessary.

The three main things to allocate are budget, human resource and time. As such, the general rule of thumb for successful digital marketing is that you must allocate approximately 30 to 40 per cent of each to stand a chance.

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