Reasons why the best employees are leaving companies

PHOTO: The Straits Times

Whether you're an entrepreneur running your own company or an employee working at a major firm, chances are, you've come across employees who are of great asset to the team but are often unhappy with their jobs.

Often times, the best workers leave the company and it's hard to understand why.

Here are six reasons that probably contributed to their departure:

1. They Feel Burn Out

When employees impress with what they do, employers often fall into the trap of giving them even more because it seems like they can handle it.

Unfortunately, employees might feel over worked and ultimately, burned out. Make it a point to check on your employee or fellow work mates so they don't feel too stressed out.

2. The Company Hires The Wrong People

As Laszlo Bock of Google's People Operations mentioned, Google's hiring process is stringent and only the best will do.

A bad hire often means more energy required to re-hire, train and commit time to. When other employees can't seem to find consistency in the environment they're working in, they'll end up being unhappy with their job.

3. They Feel Like They Get No Attention

The best employees are always hungry for feedback and eager to improve but if employers fail to develop their skills and take them further, these good workers tend to feel under appreciated and seek out appreciation some where else.

4. Employees Feel Bored

Whenever good and hardworking employees no longer feel like they're learning anything new at work, they often seek to find challenges and opportunities else where.

Employers should make it a point to nurture their employees in new skills or help them develop their passion at work.

5. They Can't Relate To Their Managers

When you're made to work with someone for eight hours or more a day, it's important to get along with them on more than a professional level.

Managers who tend to manage without a hint of empathy often make good employees feel unimportant.

That said, when an employee feels like they cannot relate to their boss or feels like their boss is not understanding, they tend to see it as a reason for leaving.

6. They Don't Feel Motivated Anymore

When a good employee is intrinsically self-motivated, a manager might feel that there's no need to encourage him or her. After all, they'll still deliver in terms of work load, wouldn't they?

No matter how self-motivated you think your workers are, a little compliment goes a long way in letting them know you appreciate their hard work.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly