REDUIT: Radical Innovation in a User Friendly Format

REDUIT: Radical Innovation in a User Friendly Format

At REDUIT, the Swiss beauty tech company, innovation spans both technology and consumer-oriented design

NEUCHATEL, Switzerland, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Intuitive and simple product design is center-stage for the Swiss beauty tech innovator REDUIT.  The company has gone to great lengths to make sure that new technology is also delivered in a way that makes sense to consumers.  From aesthetics to ergonomics, each aspect of REDUIT's Hairpods™ range has been challenged until the best possible solution emerged, resulting in a product that is  truly "made to a human measure".

REDUIT Color Protect Hairpods™  - a simple way to protect hair from pollution, saltwater and UV radiation
REDUIT Color Protect Hairpods™ - a simple way to protect hair from pollution, saltwater and UV radiation

REDUITs new Hairpods™ cover a variety of leave-on haircare and hair styling products, each contained in different pods. The product is applied with the aid of the REDUIT One applicator, a device designed to boost the performance of the active ingredients.

The system is radically different when compared with traditional products. The formulations in the Hairpods™ themselves, developed from the ground up for each application, are each matched via a unique electronic signature to generate small magnetized mist particles.  Every single element of the beauty product had to be reinvented for REDUIT to reach a new paradigm of performance.

Never before has a new beauty routine been so easy: insert the Hairpod™ of your choice into the REDUIT One device.  Activate it, and apply the gentle mist for 15 seconds* to your hair to create a microscopically fine film, and you are ready to go.  It is as simple as that!

The sleek REDUIT One applicator is universal and operates with any of the Hairpods™: from styling products, such as the Precision Conditioner and the Volume Mist, to haircare treatments, including the Vapored Strength and (as of tomorrow, June 6th) also the Color Protect Hairpods™.

Each of the Hairpods™ is very compact, only 5 ml in size, but allows for 20 uses* which is equivalent to 100-200 ml of traditional products.  At a mere 12 grams of packaging, and recyclable through our Return & Refurbish program, the Hairpods™ lead the way as the benchmark for environmentally-friendly haircare products globally. 

None of the packaging is wasted: consumers can send in their empty Hairpods™ to the nearest REDUIT location, and they will be rewarded with free product coupons on subsequent purchases – and a healthier planet for us all. That's the REDUIT way.

This is only the beginning: REDUIT will continue to launch a new product every Friday throughout the summer.  Register at, to be the first to learn about the upcoming innovations from REDUIT on a weekly basis!

*depending on hair length and type


In French 'REDUIT' means 'reduced'. We reduce packaging. Amplify results. Reduce time. Amplify efficacy. Reduce steps. Amplify beauty.

REDUIT was created with one vision: to revolutionize the everyday beauty routine.  We started in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with the dream of creating truly superior beauty products. From performance to sustainability and user-friendliness, we design products that truly elevate the everyday.

Set on raising the bar for professional and at-home beauty solutions that deliver on one simple promise: enhancing the results and experience while reducing the unnecessary.

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