Regency Financial Services extends platform availability to individual investors

LONDON, Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Regency Financial Services, part of the global insurance group, Regency Assurance, today announce their exclusive investment platform is available to individuals designated as professional investors or private clients.

These investment options and services have historically only been available to commercial, institutional, and government partners and can now be accessed by individual members.

Regency's aim is to provide the best savings and investment plan that gives investors confidence through strength, trust, performance, growth and security.

Through its global network of investment partners, Regency Financial Services allows investors to gain transparent access into an array of different options including fixed rate property investments and private enquiry investments.

Regency Financial Services provides access to investments that aren't publicly available. A diversified menu of options aimed at providing transparent and secure vehicles for long term growth.

Regency Financial Services ensure that all the products and services on offer are tailored for globally mobile people. Available in multiple currencies, globally accessible and globally transferable, they can ensure that members can access their investment returns no matter where they are in the world or in the event of moving countries.

Unlike most financial services companies, Regency is fully transparent and there are no hidden fees or charges allowing full peace of mind for their members.

To learn more about Regency Financial Services, visit their website