Regional Startup Champions of 2017 Celebrate Big Win at The ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards

The ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards unveils 14 regional winners to represent Southeast Asia at the Global Startup Awards 2018

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Malaysian startup, Zoom, won Startup of the Year award at the 3rd ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards (the' Rice Bowl') ceremony, along with 13 other regional winners in various categories picked to represent Southeast Asia at the Global Startup Awards in China next year.

Regional Winners of the Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2017
Regional Winners of the Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2017

"The ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards is a regional platform for innovative, local-grown entrepreneurs to break out into the global market," says, Lilyana Latif,CEO of New Entrepreneurs Foundation (myNEF) and Chairman of the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards.

Organised by myNEF since 2015, the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards celebrates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem. It is the first regional award that recognises outstanding startups that provide innovative and sustainable solutions on improving local livelihood, and has the potential to be scalable regionally.

"The Rice Bowl is the official Southeast Asia circuit for the Global Startup Awards and it provides the opportunity for market access, funding and media exposure regionally," she adds. Throughout the two-day event, cumulatively a total of USD26.4million (RM108 million) in funding has been pledged by investors to invest in the Finalists. The Investor Matching session was moderated and organised by Cradle.

Winners will also get to participate in cross-regional exchange programs in Southeast Asia and attend other Global Startup Awards celebrations to expand their network and gather information for market access.

A total of 2,000 entries were received from 10 countries across Southeast Asia, of which 89 category winners were shortlisted to compete at the regional awards. A panel of 25 judges then evaluated the entries in 3 broad areas: actual and potential growth, scalability and impact.

The Winners for the 3rd ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards are:







Best Social Impact



MallSampah is an online waste management service that connects the community with nearby collectors and scavengers for ease of selling and recycling garbage.


Best Smart City Solution



Grab is an on-demand ride-hailing and mobile payments platform that solves critical transportation challenges in the region.


Best e-Commerce / Supply Chain Startup



Eatigo is an online restaurant reservation portal where users can enjoy real-time restaurant deals of up to 50% at off-peak hours.


Best Healthy Lifestyle Tech Startup



Honestbee offers concierge and delivery services for grocery, food and parcels; and has expanded into laundry, health and auto in different countries


Best Life Sciences / MedTech Startup


CLAS Healthcare

CLAS Healthcare focuses on the delivery of primary care by family doctors by providing integrated patient management services.


Best Fintech Startup


Qwikwire Billing Systems

Qwikwire is a cross-border billing and invoicing platform for enterprises to collect payment from anywhere in the world online.


Best DeepTech / AI / Big Data Startup


Glueck Technology

Glueck Technology uses the power of machine learning, computer vision and AI for Human Emotion Analytics - to understand and predict human emotional state, profiles, and responses to stimuli in real-time.


People's Choice



Zoom is a technology enabler for businesses to help solve their last-mile problem; connecting businesses, online e-commerce and retailers to a same-day delivery specialist.


Best Accelerator Program


Global Accelerator Program - MaGIC

MaGIC's Global Accelerator Program accelerates 80 global startups to be investment-ready in 4 months. Other achievements include pooling of 500+ investors and mentors to build a stronger startup community under this program.


Best Co-Working Space



Hubud is Bali's first collaborative working space set in an enchanting village. It is home to a diverse community of local and visiting creatives, techies, entrepreneurs and business folk, of over 10,000 people from 80 different countries.


Best Newcomer



BuildEasy connects interior designers to consumers, and provide virtual reality showrooms to revolutionise the way properties are marketed worldwide.


Founder of The Year


Sopheakmonkol Sok - SokhaKrom

Sopheakmonkol Sok is co-founder of Codingate that developed SokhaKrom, an all-in-one participatory healthcare platform. Accolades include: Smart Technology Entrepreneur award (2016), Forbes Asia 30 under 30s (2017), and Founder of the Year, Cambodia Rice Bowl Startup awards (2017).


Special Recognition


Agrome IQ International

Agrome IQ is an agriculture business intelligence platform that supports decision-making for farmers, and aims to remove the guesswork from farming as well as help farmers run their farms efficiently.


Startup of The Year



Zoom is a technology enabler for businesses to help solve their last-mile problem; connecting businesses, online e-commerce and retailers to a same-day delivery specialist.

Hosted by Filipino e-sports host Eri Neeman and Astro VBuzz talkshow host, Shareeta Selvaraj, this year's ceremony was held in conjunction with the Global Entrepreneurship Community (GEC) Summit in Kuala Lumpur.

The awards ceremony also saw an MoU Exchange Ceremony between myNEF and its 6 country partners from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, and Philippines for the rights to host the national-level Rice Bowl Startup awards in the respective countries. The ceremony was witnessed by the Ambassador from Brunei and embassy representatives.

"This will help forge a more collaborative network throughout the region. We envision the Rice Bowl to expand its activities beyond the Awards process," says Lilyana in her speech to introduce the launch of the Rice Bowl Republic, a collaborative initiative to create more value offerings to the region.

"In the years to come, the Rice Bowl will be enriching its framework to include deeper monitoring of its alumni of nominees, matching founders to investors and mentors, looking out for business and media opportunities for its finalists and winners -- throughout the year and beyond the Awards season. Our pledge is to make Southeast Asia as an incubator or breeding ground for global startups that are focused on sustainable developmental goals."

The Rice Bowl is a culmination of events announcing Rice Bowl national circuit winners held throughout 10 ASEAN countries.

The Rice Bowl is made possible from the support from strategic partners; ASEAN Centre of Entrepreneurship of the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MAGIC) and CRADLE; partners InnovAsian, Supernewsroom, PR Newswire, Melinda Looi and Action Apparel, as well as country and community partners.

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