Regulatory & Legal talent partner, Larson Maddox expands into APAC

Regulatory & Legal talent partner, Larson Maddox expands into APAC

SINGAPORE, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading talent partner Larson Maddox has now expanded its services across the Asia Pacific region, by setting up dedicated teams in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The expansion in the Asia Pacific region will enable Larson Maddox to support the growing hiring demands in the regulatory and legal sector. "We are very excited about the expansion into APAC," said Ian Yeung, Head of Larson Maddox, Hong Kong. "We are seeing a steady rise in hiring needs in the regulatory and legal sector despite the pandemic across multiple industries. With the lack of talent in the market, many companies find it challenging on securing their business-critical regulatory legal talent. With expanding Larson Maddox to the APAC region, we can provide better assistance for companies that require integrated global-local services." 

Larson Maddox offers professional recruitment and hiring services for the regulatory and legal sector across Financial Services, Consumer Goods & Retail, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Technology, Media, Sports & Entertainment, Energy and Healthcare industries. "This expansion is a significant investment by the Phaidon international group that reflects Asia Pacific as one of the important and dynamic regions," said Natasha Madhavan, Head of Larson Maddox, Singapore. "We are excited to chart this next phase of growth in the APAC markets and help our clients secure the best regulatory and compliance talent."

Larson Maddox can screen and source success-driven candidates looking for career-defining opportunities that would enable them to achieve their goals and ambitions. Larson Maddox has helped many companies meet the rising demands for skilled regulatory professionals in North America, and now the service has been expanded to the Asia Pacific region. Apart from the regulatory affairs industry, they are actively involved in conducting recruitment and talent acquisition for corporates, offering services for a wide variety of roles like a corporate attorney, construction attorney, legal counsel, and many more.

About Larson Maddox

Larson Maddox focuses on placements from experienced to senior executive roles within the regulatory and legal functions, delivering with speed, reach, and accuracy. Their experience working in complex regulatory environments gives clients' a competitive advantage to stay ahead of their peers, empowering them to successfully navigate a rapidly evolving landscape. They help attract high-performing professionals and match them with your business objectives, ensuring you have the right team in place to meet your company's goals.

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