Reimagining eCommerce. Shopmatic launches a whole new range of eCommerce solutions for individual entrepreneurs & SMEs in emerging markets.

Now entrepreneurs and businesses can choose from 4 different ways to eCommerce via Shopmatic Chat, Shopmatic Social, Shopmatic Webstore, and Shopmatic Marketplaces


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 16 December 2020 - International e-commerce enabler Shopmatic has announced the launch of disruptive solutions that will revolutionize the way e-commerce is done. Individual entrepreneurs and businesses will now be able to choose from four different e-commerce solutions - chat selling, social selling, marketplace selling, or selling through web stores. Customers can choose the solution that best suits their needs.


This is an industry-first and is set to fuel more sellers to go online with four different eCommerce solutions from Shopmatic. These will continue to be available on the Shopmatic platform at the same pricing as before - Rs.50/$1 hosting fees per month + 3% transaction per sale OR Rs. 1000/ $20 a month for a 1-year subscription plan.


Millions of sellers prefer to sell on Chat (WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, etc) or Social (Facebook, Instagram, etc). Shopmatic now powers Chat & Social sellers through an innovative Single Checkout Link that can complete the sale within the channel itself.


For sellers who want to sell across multiple marketplaces (Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10, etc), Shopmatic's MarketPlaces solution enables merchants to sell, manage & fulfill their business from the Shopmatic dashboard. Rather than have to upload products in individual marketplace dashboards, Shopmatic merchants will be able to control all key operations from the Shopmatic dashboard, taking away the challenge of individual marketplace dashboard management.


For sellers and businesses who want to create their webstores, Shopmatic will continue to enable them through their powerful ecosystem, complete with all features like payment and shipping integrations, chat and social selling, multiple beautiful templates, domain name, etc.


Apart from creating four different ways to eCommerce for sellers, Shopmatic is truly innovating with a distinct and unique Single Checkout link.


Shopmatic merchants will be able to generate Single Checkout links for their products that they can share across multiple channels - WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Telegram, Instagram, emails, SMSes, their websites or any tab/ app enabled on their phones. Buyers can checkout within their point of engagement and provide the relevant details - choose product variants, make payments, and select shipping options. Sellers can expect to see higher sales with better conversion rates and customer satisfaction as buyers will not need to engage in conversations before making their purchase.


The Single Checkout Link also enables transaction virality, in that buyers can share the same links with their friends or followers, helping sellers benefit from the reach of expanded audiences.


Shopmatic continues its commitment to the success of online sellers by introducing features, offerings, and solutions that simplify their digital journey. The platform's new e-commerce solutions will build on this customer-focused approach, as Shopmatic's sellers will now be able to choose their relevant eCommerce solution with Shopmatic's ecosystem supporting their success.


Speaking on the launch, Mr. Anurag Avula, CoFounder and CEO, Shopmatic, said, "With years of working closely with small and medium business owners and individual entrepreneurs, we understand the unique needs of different sets of customers. We realise that offering a one solution approach for all sellers makes it challenging for some sellers and caters to a small segment of merchants in emerging markets. With the new solution, we are extremely excited that we can now bring in millions of sellers in the emerging markets into the eCommerce ecosystem. We are delighted with the exciting innovations of four different eCommerce solutions and the Single Checkout Link that will enable sellers to be successful easier and faster. We believe this to be game changing in our continued desire to support sellers with unique and relevant eCommerce solutions."


Apart from enabling business owners to decide and design their preferred approach to online selling, Shopmatic is also offering ecosystem packages which consist of starter guides and online consultations covering an array of crucial topics like digital advertising, web-store designing, improving store SEO, social media marketing, and more.


Shopmatic is re-imaging eCommerce by allowing business owners to run their business their way and supporting their customers to ensure their customers succeed.



About Shopmatic



Founded in December 2014, Shopmatic has been driving game-changing strategies in the ecommerce space and has engineered itself to stay focused on helping its customers succeed.


With its acquisitions of CombineSell and Octopus in 2019, Shopmatic is driving an omnichannel play for individual entrepreneurs and businesses in emerging markets, by enabling the entire ecommerce-&-retail-management ecosystems for them to succeed.

From a domain name to easy integrations with domestic and international payment gateways and shipping partners, to getting discovered via a unique, curated platform- Shopmatic World & multiple marketplaces, to POS, Inventory Management and CRM solutions, Shopmatic helps business owners manage the full spectrum of what is required to grow their business.


With its launch of 4 different ways for merchants to do ecommerce - Shopmatic Chat, Shopmatic Social, Shopmatic Marketplaces, Shopmatic Webstore- and its unique Single Checkout Link, Shopmatic is all set to disrupt the way ecommerce is done!


Shopmatic has 500000+ customers today.


Shopmatic is headquartered in Singapore with a presence in India, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Philippines and UAE. The company is quickly expanding to the rest of South-East Asia, this year.


Shopmatic has raised 20 M SGD from its incorporation till date with August One, SEEDS Capital and a consortium of investors.


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