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Replace Your Mortgage Founder, Michael Lush, Says Mortgages are Financial Crack for Middle America

Mr. Lush, who had a successful career as a lender prior to starting the company, explains why mortgages are a money trap for middle class Americans

The Replace Your Mortgage brand has staked their livelihood for the past 8 years on their ability to help middle class Americans better service their debt, primarily through teaching people how it may be possible for them to pay off their home in (typically) 5-7 years instead of the standard 30-years. Then with the money saved (most successful clients save 6-figures), they can invest strategically into assets that make the most sense for their goals.

With more than 6,000 happy clients and no unresolved BBB complaints, it appears the financial geniuses at Replace Your Mortgage are onto something. They have been recognized as the 500 lb gorilla in the industry and were recently featured in ABC on the success of their rebranding launch. Amazingly, the majority of those working at the company – from the executives all the way down to the newer hires – usually start their relationship first as a client, and then after experiencing the results they dive into seeing how they can be more involved.

Replace Your Mortgage started in 2014 when Michael Lush used an ingenious strategy to accelerate the payoff of his mortgage in 3.5 years, resulting in eventually sharing the strategy with others by publishing a book called “Replace Your Mortgage”. Since then, Replace Your Mortgage has grown at an exponential pace largely due to the incredible success clients consistently achieve. With most clients being referrals from previous clients, it is clear this strategy is effective.

Recently, Mr. Lush stated during a 3-hour webinar, “Mortgages are financial crack for middle America. The poor can't get them, and the rich don't use them.” He then went on to explain how it perpetuates profits for an industry as opposed to providing clients with the ideal solution.

Not everyone thinks utilizing HELOCs are the best financial strategy for the poor and middle class. Dave Ramsey is a big proponent of minimizing debt and potential risk and is well known for being very conservative utilizing debt. Michael Lush did note his strategy is not for everyone. You must be in a certain financial position to qualify, and it usually works best for those in the mid to upper middle class income range who already have a solid financial foundation.

While Mr. Lush knows the mortgage industry isn’t going anywhere, he has proven over time if someone has a solid foundation, manageable debt, and positive cashflow at the end of the month – then they are likely to be able to use this strategy and accelerate their financial progress. His team can talk with those who would like to know more and see if it is a good fit and if they are likely to qualify for this strategy (the qualification call is performed at no-cost). While the mortgage industry isn’t happy with Replace Your Mortgage – Lush knows they can only impact a small portion of the overall industry. His hope is to save clients of Replace Your Mortgage more than $500 million in unnecessary interest payments over the next 5 years.


You can learn more about Replace Your Mortgage by going to their website. Replace Your Mortgage does not offer mortgages, Helocs, or loans of any kind. Replace Your Mortgage is not a bank and does not provide credit offers. Replace Your Mortgage is strictly for educational and informational purposes only.

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