Resecurity will introduce next-generation endpoint protection and cyber threat intelligence solutions at Beijing's ISC 2018

BEIJING, Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Headquartered in US, California, Resecurity is set to introduce the launch of its next-generation Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) and CONTEXT a Cyber Threat Intelligence solution into China and Asia-Pacific markets at the Internet Security Conference (ISC) 2018 in Beijing on September 4th 2018.

ISC ( is the main cybersecurity event in China and recognized globally as the most influential security gathering for the Asia-Pacific region.  Since its inception in 2013, ISC has offered over 700 sessions and attracted approximately 136,000 participants and speakers including government officials, academics and industry leaders from 20 countries worldwide. The ISC event has become the one must-attend cybersecurity event in Asia and is now a magnet for thought leaders in the industry worldwide.

China is the second largest economy in the world and is rapidly learning that digitalization, the fourth industrial revolution, is a double-edged sword as a result of the growing security challenge faced by private and government organizations. ISC 2018 will share global industry knowledge on how organizations worldwide can best respond to the constantly evolving threat landscape and to today's increasingly sophisticated threat actors.

But merely identifying the barrage of incoming cyberattacks is of limited practical use to most organizations which have been targeted by cybercriminals and hacktivists. The never-ending onslaught of new threats and security challenges requires effective tools for their timely identification, in-depth analysis and action. Without proper contextualization, an overload of raw intelligence has become a burden, leading to lack of actionable data and incorrect resource planning, which increases the probability of risk and negative outcome.

Resecurity, as Gold Sponsor at ISC, will illustrate the vital role of actionable intelligence and data science in next-generation cybersecurity solutions and applicability by cyber security engineers, intelligence officers, investigators and C-level security executives. Resecurity uses cutting-edge data science to enable organizations of different sizes to contextualize threat intelligence and identify imminent threats in real time, allowing resources to be directed where they are most needed.

Resecurity will introduce the core products from its own portfolio:

  • Resecurity Context
    Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform: Intelligence platform enabling enterprises and governments to accelerate analysis, prevention and investigation workflows with the goal of discovering high-value insights, and supporting better decision-making, using ultra-fast search thorough data science. Context is based on a classic six-step process called the Intelligence Cycle used by government agencies and industry experts, providing a balanced and comprehensive approach to intelligence gathering and analysis. Context includes over 9 million profiles of threat actors worldwide, while storing over 5 billion threat data artifacts, including indicators of compromise (IOCs), indicators of attacks (IOAs), tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) of adversaries with valuable meta-data stored in historical form used for deep-dive investigations, together with over 300 million fully-indexed and translated Dark Web data entries with extracted artifacts, graphical screenshots and links visualization. A built-in offline translation engine makes contextualized date available in over 40 languages.
  • Resecurity EPP
    Next-Generation Endpoint Protection Platform: Resecurity combines a multi-layered protection stack to identify security anomalies with investigation and remediation capabilities needed to proactively respond to advanced cyber threats. Resecurity can be deployed on Windows, Linux and Mac, providing comprehensive security monitoring and full-stack visibility across endpoints, the enterprise ecosystem and cloud environment. Contextual Awareness – a vital component, resulting in in-depth cyber threat analysis with historical introspection on the identified IOC/IOA, associated threat telemetry and potential adversary involved.
  • Resecurity Risk
    Digital Risk Monitoring: Risk is a digital risk monitoring solution focused on comprehensive security monitoring of the business enterprise ecosystem, measuring digital risks to control the enterprise security posture. Resecurity provides proactive alerts and 360' visibility of internal and external risks targeting the enterprise, starting from Dark Web activity to misconfigured network services, applications and clouds leading to data breaches. Risk reduces potential blind spots and security gaps.

About Resecurity®

Resecurity Inc., a California-based cybersecurity company, is focused on next-generation endpoint protection and intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions. Resecurity combines a robust protection stack identifying security anomalies with investigation and remediation capabilities. The company also provides security research services to leading Fortune 500 corporations and governments.

Resecurity protects the enterprise ecosystem against cyber threats using a robust technology stack and built-in contextual awareness. Powered by the Resecurity Context, our solution provides in-depth analysis of identified cyber threats and associated threat actors in real time.

Our key mission is to help enterprises of different sizes to mitigate possible risks in a timely and effective way using cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Resecurity: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity.

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