A Revolution in Food Technology: AIRCPHOLIC (Air Liquor Device). Pre-order via Indiegogo available now.

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- NatureGift Technology Corp. (Taiwan) has launched the campaign "AIRCPHOLIC-The Finest Air Liquor Banquet Ever" on Indiegogo - one of the largest international crowdfunding website - on June 27, 2018. Pre-order of the air liquor device AIRCPHOLIC is now available globally.

AIRCPHOLIC usage scenario.
AIRCPHOLIC usage scenario.

Campaign page: https://igg.me/at/aircpholic

NatureGift Technology Corp. is a Taiwan startup that focuses on the development of food technology, which was founded by scientists in food science and nutrition technologies in 2015. Before their own brand was officially established, the team had already provided scientific services to the world over the last decade, such as ethanol blending techniques, setting formulas of wheat varieties/flours and developing technologies of meat substitutes.

In 2017, NatureGift announced the debut of their new product "AIRCPHOLIC" and a total of USD520,000 was raised through crowdfunding platforms in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. Based on successful marketing experiences in Asia, they are currently planning to expand their business into Western markets and have launched the pre-order campaign via Indiegogo.

AIRCPHOLIC's product composition. It rebuilds the finest taste in accordance with sensory evaluation parameters.
AIRCPHOLIC's product composition. It rebuilds the finest taste in accordance with sensory evaluation parameters.

AIRCPHOLIC is an air liquor device that allows us to taste gasified liquors through heat. Its design, unprecedentedly, is based on a scientific approach "Sensory Evaluation," which is a method adopted in food research for evaluating human sensation responses. The evaluation results (parameters) are closer to users' real responses and reflect actual needs better than physical chemistry or instrumental analysis.

During the development phase of AIRCPHOLIC's prototype, all the elements were considered in the sensory evaluation analysis, including temperature and gas densities. The team came to find the parameters that can satisfy over 90% sensory evaluators, which is why AIRCPHOLIC brings you a better, more enjoyable experience than other products.

Various AIRCPHOLIC liquor mists.
Various AIRCPHOLIC liquor mists.

Other than raising funds through Indiegogo, the team is also looking forward to collaborations with local business partners for product development and perfection.

Indiegogo campaign: https://igg.me/at/aircpholic

Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/AIRCPHOLIC.Global

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLitxWUcIKc

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