Revolutionary Copperline Face Mask Scientifically Proven to Deactivate COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2)

Revolutionary Copperline Face Mask Scientifically Proven to Deactivate COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2)

Asia’s Largest and Leading Microbiology Research Institute Confirms Copperline’s Unrivalled Efficacy and Protection


HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 16 September 2020 - Copperline Mask is the first and only face mask with the proven ability to render the COVID-19 virus inactivate and terminate the replication of its RNA, according to the latest test results published early this month.

The tests were conducted by the BSL3 laboratory from July 7th to Aug 19th, 2020 at Jeonbuk National University, South Korea, the largest microbiology research institute in Asia. This accredited laboratory tested the neutralization capacity and reusability of masks infused with copper against regular masks without copper when exposed to the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV2).

In an immunofluorescence assay, the fluorescence signal was almost undetected in cells treated with Copperline Mask's 22%-copper-infused material for 30 minutes, in contrast with an intense green fluorescence signal in the group treated with 0% copper. This finding was reinforced by a quantitative real-time PCR test, which observed a pronounced decline in the relative expression of the SARS-CoV2.

In terms of reusability, the mask was found to retain its virus-deactivation capacity even after 30 washes.

Dr. John Hwa LEE, DVM, PhD, a professor and Dean at the Jeonbuk National University who led the studies, said, "The tests conclude that copper can quickly and effectively render SARS-CoV2 inactivate, inhibit the replication of its RNA and reduce the infectivity of the virus. This is due to copper's oxidation behavior and DNA affinity. Copper can bind with and disorder helical structures, and breach the integrity of the virus plasma membrane, thus killing the virus. In short, copper is essential and powerful tool in slowing the spread of COVID-19."

"Additionally, Copperline Mask's material which is 3D textured with 22% copper further enhances virucidal activity against SARS-Cov2. The material's 3D structure has a higher capacity to kill the virus remain in the mask. Increased surface area improves microbicidal action through the interaction of copper ions with virions entrapped within the mask or in contact with the mask's copper-infused surface."

While copper's antiviral and antibacterial properties have long been known, the superiority of copper ions over other metal ions has also been proven by Dr. LEE. In a related test, copper ions were tested alongside seven other metals, including Iron, Aluminum and Chromium. Copper ions were observed to have about five times the ability to disrupt RNA structures compared to that of the seven other metal ions.

"The coronavirus pandemic has significantly disrupted life and business and crippled economies around the world," explained Mr. JW Kim, CEO of LSK Finetex Co., Ltd., the Korean company which manufactures the Copperline Mask. "With vaccinations still unavailable, what is most needed right now is a non-pharmaceutical intervention that can effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our Copperline Mask with 22% ionized copper yarn material with a patented 3D multi-layer structure has good breathability while ensuring that the COVID-19 virus is trapped and killed by the mask."

Copperline Mask is comprised of three layers; a striped face-contact layer, an inner net coiled layer and an outer layer, the first two of which are infused with ionized copper yarn at a density of 22%. In addition to being antiviral, the mask is antibacterial and deodorizing, ensuring that you can breathe fresh air free of oral bacteria and odor. The mask also offers UV protection and Far Infrared Ray emissions which promote blood circulation for healthy skin. Lastly, the mask's ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit.

The sustainable and environmentally friendly Copperline Mask has been awarded the Green Certificate by South Korea's Ministry of Environment, which recognizes the innovation as a Green Technology Product. The mask has been entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and is currently pending FDA USA approval.

Copperline Mask is made in Korea and comes in four sizes; L, M, S and XS, and in nice stylish colors; Black, Charcoal, Navy, Grey, Khaki, Pink, Coral, Sky blue and Mustard. Distributed via its representative in Hong Kong who is responsible for global marketing, branding and sales - YK International Holdings Limited and Arrowana international Ltd., they are currently available in Hong Kong at LOG-ON, SASA, Park'n Shop, Watson's and GO WILD; and online at HKTV Mall.

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