Revotek Deploys Its Bioink Technology to Research Institutes

Revotek Deploys Its Bioink Technology to Research Institutes

CHENGDU, China, April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Revotek Co., Ltd. ("Revotek"), a vertically integrated biotech company specialized in 3D bioprinting, and West China Hospital of Sichuan University, a leading research hospital in China, have reached an agreement, in which the latter shall introduce Revotek's cell encapsulation technology, or Biosynsphere, for the use in its basic and translational research in stem cell regenerative medicine. On April 22, the instrument (Biosynspherer) and its first batch of reagents and consumables were delivered to the laboratory of West China Hospital of Sichuan University. Revotek's 3D blood vessel bioprinter is scheduled to be delivered to the hospital laboratory in Q3, 2021.

In the cooperation, Revotek shall provide trainings on Biosynspherer, Biosynsphere preparation, technical and hardware supports.

About Revotek

Revotek, established in 2014, provides life-saving 3D bioprinting technologies that enable the delivery of fully personalized healthcare solutions. Revotek has developed the world's first Biosynsphere technology, a universal bio-ink that allows scaffold-free bioprinting. The 3D blood vessel bioprinter and bone repairing devices are derived and developed based on this technology, which are of great value in clinical applications. Revotek's technologies have been recognized as breakthrough in regenerative medicine, and Revotek has filed for over 200 patents worldwide.

About Biosynsphere®

Biosynsphere® is a cell encapsulation process and tool that meets the needs of academic research and clinical applications. Biosynsphere shows good biological properties, enabling the enwrapped cells to perform biological functions normally; it also has good mechanical properties, which effectively protect the enwrapped cells from mechanical damages. As a platform technology, Biosynsphere has potential in various applications, including in vitro 3D cell culture, in vitro construction of micro-tissues, in vivo repair of damaged tissue and organs, and organ reconstruction.

About on-going collaboration

In April 2020, an agreement was signed between Revotek and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), wherein Revotek provided 3D bio-printing and Biosynsphere technologies and services to the UTHSC. This is the first commercial agreement of the Biosynsphere technology. In 2017, the two parties became strategic partners in scientific research and clinical applications of stem cell regenerative medicine. Since then, they have been cooperating in many aspects, such as FDA application of stem cell 3D bioprinted blood vessels for clinical trials.

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