Rewardz All Set To Launch Its Innovative And Fun Weight Loss Challenge – The New Me

Rewardz All Set To Launch Its Innovative And Fun Weight Loss Challenge – The New Me

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 31 July 2017 - Rewardz , an award winning, homegrown corporate benefits and incentives management company, is thrilled to announce its revolutionary weight tracking platform - The New Me - designed especially for corporate challenges. The New Me challenge is a 12-week program that provides a one of a kind solution for individuals weighing-in through a digital weighing scale. The unlimited number of user synchronisations made possible with the Rewardz weight-loss tracking app is the key that enables it to be used for corporate challenges on a huge scale.

Scheduled for launch in September this year, newly added features of the upcoming platform include a dashboard, a weight tracking performance chart and a leaderboard that ranks individuals' weight loss percentage. --These new features gamify the weight management journey in a corporate setting while introducing a fun element on competitiveness to give users an extra push to help them achieve their goals.

In addition to the technology, Rewardz is working with certified trainers to organize fitness classes and provide scientifically proven nutrition and fitness advice through in-app notifications throughout the 12-week program. Speaking on the product's relevance for the Asian market, CEO Sudhanshu Tewari says, "Asian workplace culture is more taxing for an employee than anywhere else in the world. Add to it the convenience of Singapore - and you have a workforce that is sedentary and has no time to exercise. This leads to umpteen health problems like weight gain, increased stress levels and resulting low productivity. Our product comes along as a wonderful answer to counter these problems and more."

Sudhanshu also shared his vision behind the app upgrade, "Since weight management is something almost everyone, irrespective of age or gender, is after, but often proves elusive, we set out to develop a better way to support our users on their weight-loss journey and introduce enhanced features to our successful Flabuless app."

Encouraging a healthier company culture

While digital weighing machines are not new to global wellness players such as Fitbit and Withings, they are limited to a small number of profiles per machine and hence, unsuitable for corporate challenges. The unlimited synchronisations made possible with The New Me Challenge makes it an ideal solution for companies that are looking to bring about positive changes to the workplace and provide tools for their staff to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

To benefit from this innovative corporate challenge, companies will first have to sign up with Rewardz which will then provide companies with digital weighing scales that will be used for automatic weight tracking into the app. The company will also help to co-ordinate weekly weigh-ins throughout the challenge period.

"We wanted to take the Flabuless App to another level because we saw so much more potential in it.  During my corporate days, I had personally organized weight loss challenges and the enthusiasm & buzz around the challenge was simply amazing. We have tried to apply the same idea through latest technology innovation in the The New Me challenge." Nicole Seah, Rewardz's co-founder, commented.

In addition, users can choose to follow a 12-week guided plan, which provides in-app support through health, wellness and nutrition tips from performance coaches and personal trainers. Companies can also opt for 8-12 classes focused on losing weight to support employees' progress.

Covering all aspects of their weight-management regime from users' nutritional needs, workout plans and even lifestyle changes, the guided plan and challenge together form a complete eco-system that assists people, especially busy working adults, in losing weight effectively, healthily and sustainably.

"We are all getting busier, so much so that we often neglect our bodies and health. We don't eat properly. We don't get enough exercise. Or even if we do these things, we aren't doing them right or consistently. The idea behind The New Me challenge is to take away the stigma associated with weight loss and make the whole journey fun and engaging for participants," Nicole added. 

"At Rewardz, we are developing Flabuless and enhancing our app's features as a long-term solution to improving employee health and productivity. Our goal is to continue to develop the app by introducing upgrades and more and better features to help motivate and encourage users and to give more options for employers to play their part in supporting their staff to achieve their goals." 

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Note to Editors

Key features of the 12-week guided plan

Targeted workout plan and nutritional advice by certified trainers Rewardz support for weekly weigh-ins at corporates Organize fitness classes focused on weight management by certified trainers. In-built support for rewards and prizes

About Rewardz Pte Ltd

Founded in October 2012, Rewardz aims to use technology solutions to boost employee engagement and corporate wellness. In just 4 years, Rewardz has successfully established itself in 4 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and UAE. Their products EmPerks ,Flabuless and Cerrapoints, are holistic employee recognition, rewarding and wellness platforms.. Serving over 100 corporates and over 200,000 engaged employees, Rewardz is an award-winning company for the Best Employee Recognition, Incentives &  Rewards Consultant (Silver) and the Bronze prize for the Best Compensation & Benefits Consultant at the HR Vendors of the Year 2016. The company was the proud silver sponsor at the HR Excellence Awards of the Year 2016 held in October. The latest feather in the cap was the big win as an Exemplary HR & Management Consultancy Service Provider at the HR Awards 2017, organised by SHRI in July. 

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