Rewardz Empowers Employees with Joye - A Mental Wellness & Self-Care Offering

The digital engagement company launches an employee mental wellness offering in partnership with - the 'world's first voice-enabled mental-health platform', where you can confide your feelings and be empowered with the right self-care at the right time

SINGAPORE, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the World Health Organisation, COVID-19 has disrupted or halted critical mental health services in 93% of countries worldwide while the demand for mental health support continues to increase. It is evident that society and businesses must recognise the potential mental health crisis, coming close on the heels of the economic fallout from the pandemic. A tripartite advisory has been issued by the Singapore government to provide guidance and resources on mental wellness to Singapore's workforce, a much needed move. On the back of this advisory, Rewardz, a leading digital engagement player in Asia, today announced the launch of a mental wellness offering aimed at improving the mental health of employees as we enter the new normal resulting from the ongoing crisis. The company has collaborated with, the world's first voice-enabled user experience to make 'mental fitness a daily habit'. The app will be embedded within CERRA Points and Flabuless, two of the flagship offerings by Rewardz.

Rewardz Mental Wellness Offering (Joye) fully integrated with its flagship products, CERRA Points and Flabuless
Rewardz Mental Wellness Offering (Joye) fully integrated with its flagship products, CERRA Points and Flabuless


Based on global research by Oracle, 78% of respondents stated that the current times have had a negative impact on their mental health, rating 2020 as the most stressful year in their experience. While people need help, human intelligence is often loaded with judgment, assumptions, and immediate prescriptions. When deployed properly, artificial intelligence can remove heuristic biases and prejudices; avoid anxiety and stress; and be an objective, fair, and trusted advisor to individuals. Perhaps that is why 82% of all respondents globally felt more comfortable seeking technology-based counselling over human counselling. AI can help people stay mentally fit and its application should be encouraged.

"It is a fact that the pandemic has induced anxiety and lowered the morale of people at large. In the past, I just had to be in the office to get a good sense of employee morale and have face-to-face chats to address concerns. With WFH becoming the norm, it has become increasingly difficult to judge the motivation and mood of my team on a day-to-day basis. Simply put, I was blinded about the most important aspect of my business - employee happiness and wellbeing," says Sudhanshu Tewari, Co-founder & CEO of Rewardz on the challenges the company itself faced. "Through our integration with Joye, we hope to provide a real-time pulse check of the mental wellbeing of the entire organization while empowering employees to take charge of their own mental health."

The office space and work culture are being redefined. Unlike the past, where employees could release their emotions during coffee breaks, corridor meetings and manager sessions, the new normal of remote work demands an alternate way to help employees unwind and destress.

"A person has a 1 in 5 lifetime chance of developing a mental illness worldwide. Sometimes it can be prevented or identified early so as to reduce the long term complications. A person has a heightened chance of developing mental health problems when we allow stress to overwhelm us without appropriate coping mechanisms. We need to find ways to manage our stress better so that we can find joy in living. Joye is a step in this direction," says Dr. Daniel Fung, Chairman of the Medical Board, The Institute of Mental Health, Singapore

JOYE uses AI to sense employee sentiment and emotions in real-time and contextually guides the user to the right care at the right time - which includes behaviour tips, mood analytics, intelligent podcasts, and mindfulness audios. This easy and contextual experience intends to make mental fitness a habit, just as the 10,000 steps daily habit for physical fitness.

"The mind of the employee is the key to their motivation, creativity, and productivity. Joye's AI is trained to provide the right care at the right time, and motivate the employees at scale," says Sanjeev Magotra, Co-Founder and CEO of

With this partnership, Rewardz will support companies in Singapore and the other 18 countries it serves to help them improve their employees' mental wellness and boost productivity amid a global crisis.

About Rewardz

Headquartered in Singapore, Rewardz is among the largest players and experts in digital engagement and incentives across Asia. Having served over 150 clients and 250,000 users in 19 countries, it offers cloud-based mobile and web platforms and plug-in solutions for any company's engagement needs. 

Backed by Japan's Benefit one, Rewardz remains focused on its vision of building globally relevant one-stop engagement and wellness platforms like CERRA and Flabuless, earning it coveted awards in this space. Rewardz also offers flexible benefits solutions and complements all engagement initiatives with its rich digital reward marketplace offering named SPUR.

Be it to engage employees, incentivise sales teams and B2B partners, or build customer loyalty, Rewardz is creating change through positive reinforcement and gamification. Priding itself on innovating with the times, in May 2020, Rewardz launched StayWoW@home, a wholesome wellness program delivered online to cater to a remote workforce.

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